Pre-Game Thread Postgame: Titans vs Packers

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    as for Sankey, he looked overwhelmed his first few series, but after that you can tell he started to adjust to game speed. He made some really nice inside runs that displayed his shiftiness. He didn't quite know what to do in the open field, but the inside runs/pass pro/recieving were a very nice start. Let's see if he can build on that....
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    Sankey impressed. He didn't look like a rookie. He broke tackles, had good vision and didn't make any mistakes. He also consistently got positive yardage.

    Don't let the stats fool you. Sankey is going to be a very effective back. I'm usually pretty good at evaluating RB's.

    McCluster also surprised me with his ability to break some tackles. I think we're gonna have a nice little RB committee.
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    I'm just happy that Thompson actually looked like he was a TE for once. Usually when I see him he's lighting up some LBer in the run game.
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    Anyone saying that they are worried about Sankey, needs to take a serious step back... Give the dude a couple of games, he won't disappoint, I believe he will be a serious back come about game 5 of the regular season im determined to be patient with him, and can be if Dexter continues to run with authority like he did Saturday night...
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    I'm not worried about the RB position. The competition may even push them all harder. Could make it harder for defenses too. We can gameplan for each runner's style against different opponents.
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    Cj1yd would not have gotten to open field to begin with. Oh, wait, I guess all the space behind the O line is open field too. My bad.
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    LOL! He sure seemed to spend a "lot" of time back there in that "open" space.
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    Is this going to be a never ending theme with you? Always getting hard to our old bums after we cut their worthless butts.
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    After re-watching the first half, here's what I saw...

    Locker - Indeterminant. Missed 1 short throw. The throw to Hunter was unclear if Hunter just didn't see it or it was uncatchable. One fumbled snap and a bobbled snap out of the pistol. Didn't get hurt and got a little contact.
    Whitehurst - C+. For a guy who knows this offense inside and out, he didn't play as well as his stats suggest. Most of his passes were dump offs to the rb's or 5-8 yds to the TE (though Thompson dropped maybe his only good ball for about 20 yds). On the great scramble play, he should have hit Hunter going left or one of the other open guys. Instead, he hung onto the ball on 3rd and 2. He also took a bad sack in FG range when GB blitzed. We know the QB is responsible for the protections in this offense so he either should have changed the protection or thrown it immediately. Also had a delay of game penalty. I like that he knows the offense but he made mistakes he shouldn't be making.

    Greene - B+. G is gonna be our default power back. He ran very well. Would have liked to see him break that tackle versus 8 in the box leaving him 1v1 but he beat it later on a counter for the TD. Needs to stay healthy.
    Sankey - B-. Sankey paid for getting the 2nd unit his first few carries but showed what he can do on a few nice runs. Most notable was the 3rd and short run he bounced outside enough just to get the first down. Great vision and a back who knows how to get what we need. very nice catching passes out of the backfield and never gives up on the play! Would like to see carries with the first OL.
    McCluster - A-. Didn't get a lot from him in the first half but showed what he can do up the middle given a little lane. For a small guy, he ran over some people! Needs to stay healthy.

    Hunter C. Didn't deliver the big plays he's shown in practice and he played against both the ones and the two's. Still learning but huge potential for a huge year!
    Hagan C-. Blew a block downfield when Sankey ran the 3rd and short. He dove at his cb who made the play. If not, Sankey probably turns that into a big run instead of just a first down.

    Thompson A-. While he had some nice catches and one big drop, was more impressed with his blocking!

    Starting unit could be GREAT! At their best just road grading the people in front of them. There were some mistakes here and there by Oher and Levitre and Warmack whiffed on a pull, but we really could have a big power running game with great changeups with Sankey and McCluster!
    Lewan - A. Looked like he belongs. What will he look like against the 1's?

    SHill B-. Started slow but picked it up and could be solid.
    Casey A. He is simply a problem for whomever is trying to block him.
    RPit B. For the most part very good. Missed a tackle or two he needs to make.
    Klug A-. Outside of Casey, probably our best 1v1 DL pass rusher! We will NEED him!
    DQ B+. For a guy playing his first pro game, he did very well. Now he needs to elevate that against starters.
    Woods C-. For a guy whos been in this system, he was slow to react. Needs to pick it up!

    DMorgan B-. Blew outside contain on the first play of the game and somewhat slow to react in coverage but made an excellent play. Need to see more pass rush!
    KW C+. Didn't shine but didn't fail either. Also need to see more pass rush.
    Ayers C-. Had about 2 good plays, lots of pass rush where he went nowhere (against 2nd stringers) and had an opportunity to knock down or INT a swing pass he missed. Needs to pick it up!!!
    Phillips C. Didn't rush much and looked like he was taking it easy but seemed to know where he was going and where the ball was going.

    Woodyard B. Woodyard clearly knows his position and how to play it well, but it doesn't work if the other ILB and he are not on the same page as far as run fits are concerned.
    Gooden C. Is not starting calibur from this performance. Got stuck behind Ropati on one run and got blocked on the 20yd TD run. Better in pass D but needs more work to be more then a backup.
    Brown A-. He gets an A- for getting benched the first series. Made an immediate impact on the run D when he came in. He and Woodyard will be a good combo. Both are agressive and get there in a hurry. Made the play where Griff got his tackle.
    Fokou C-. More of a SS ILB and better run D player. Missed tackles he can't miss!

    Overall Indeterminant. Not a ton of passes versus man. Some blown coverages.
    Griff B. Waited too long to attack that long TD. Was better playing in a 2 deep look as opposed to the single high S look. Needs to play with the passion and aggressiveness he showed on his 1 tackle ALL THE TIME!
    Pollard A-. Heart and soul of the defense. Plays with a passion which sometimes overcomes his athleticism!
    Stafford A+/D - Could be the next Pollard. Played with a passion lacking in a lot of others and very aggressive versus the run and made 2 BIG tackles (A+). But he also totally whiffed on 2 open field tackles he can NOT miss (D)!!! If he can be more consistent, he could be coming in on some nickel/dime run looks.

    Kern C-. Not a good kicking performance. But he did save one bad snap but also shanked 1 kick badly. Need your A game!!!

    I liked the defensive adjustements made and some blitzes that were called in good spots. Whitehurst was given the luxury to open up the formations and show more of what the offense might look like. Good to get a lot of formations and different plays on tape. Only negative I thought was not calling some plays to get Jake into a rhythm. Then again, it was a nice monsoon!

    I thought overall it was a positive first game except for McCarthy and Spencer getting hurt. We got to see what the offense will look like, what the D can look like and what weapons we have. I have high hope for our OL. Biggest concern is our pass rush from the outside on D and Locker at QB staying healthy and playing well.

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    It was a pass where the defender went for the ball and missed. That's the only reason he got in the open field.