Postgame: Titans at Falcons

Discussion in 'Tennessee Titans and NFL Talk' started by Preditan, Aug 23, 2014.


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    Its unfortunate I agree, but direct your anger towards Fitzpatrick. He's the guy who tossed a bunch of Wrights TD's to the other team.
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    I must say, if Lewan ends up on the bench this year, then it really may have been wiser to use that 1st pick on a CB
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    I finally managed to watch the game on NFL Network yesterday.

    My biggest question is... the defensive scheme/style the Falcons use, is it fairly new or have they been running it for a while? Or a variation of it?

    The reason I ask is due to some of their players playing at 100% ferocity and attacking the Titan offense without abandon. This, in my opinion, usually indicates a good bit of comfort with what they are doing. Whereas the Titans' defense is, basically, learning from scratch.

    If you are unsure of something and working on getting it right, you WILL hold back a good deal until you are fully comfortable with what you are doing. And, yes... when speaking of the defense, that will even impact the basics - tackling and such.

    I don't expect our defense to be Top 5... but I do expect it to be much better than we think due to this.

    Confidence is the key.
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    Honestly, I really don't disagree here. If we could have signed a true top flight guy like say Talib or Revis and moved McCourty to #2, I'd feel a whole lot better about our CB situation. Just sayin'.
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    Saying that a guy is a #1 corner simply because he's the "best" on his team is asinine. The term #1 corner or "shut down" corner is reserved for a guy that can lock down an opposing team's #1 receiver on a consistent basis. There are a lot of teams' whose "#1 corner" is no where near another team's #2. For example McCourty isn't better than either Patrick Peterson or Antonio Cromartie; both who play for the Cardinals. Many teams in fact don't have true #1 corners or #1 receivers. That's why the guys are so valuable, they're really tough to find.
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