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Discussion in 'NFL Draft' started by xhrr, Apr 24, 2014.

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    Definitely a concern with Williams lack of receptions, but if we are waiting til the 4th for a RB, we won't have our pick of the litter. Williams runs real HARD, and should be an option, hopefully along with Devonta Freeman & Charles Sims if we wait til round 4..

    Also with Dex, Williams lack of receptions would be easier to take..
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    If Barr is there

    1st- Barr
    2nd- Jimmy G
    4th- Andre Williams
    5th- Deone Buchanon
    6th- Dri Archer (suck it)
    7th- Devin Street

    No Barr

    1st- Carr
    2nd- Kyle Van Noy
    4th- Andre Williams
    5th- AC Leonard
    6th- Dri Archer (suck it harder)
    7th- Brett Smith/David Fales.
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    First time poster. Long time lurker.

    Opinions are solely based on how I would draft.

    Round 1: Ra'Shede Hageman ,DE, Minnesota
    Pros: Great tackler, penetrates and disrupts, 1-1 will knock OT into the backfield
    Cons: New to the position moved from TE to DE in 2009, plays tall at times, needs to learn to separate from double teams, refine/incorporate new pass rush moves (all cons are easily fixable with good coaching and experience.
    Round 2: Marcus Smith, OLB, Louisville
    Pros: Quick first step, variety of pass rush moves and ability, has nice balance and body control
    Cons: Need to see move hand fighting when pass rushing, shorter arms, converted from QB to OLB (could be an asset in reading offenses but still has a learning curve at the position)
    Round 3: Traded Away Last Year
    Round 4: Taylor Hart, DE, Oregon
    Pros: Solid tackler, high-effort, big frame, can stack and shed tackles
    Cons: Plays tall, limited flexibility
    Round 5: Tyler Gaffney, RB, Standford
    Pros: Solid in pass protection, has the ability to be a pass-catcher out of the backfield, nice vision and patience, keeps his legs moving and fights for extra yards
    Cons: Lacks elite speed and lateral quickness
    Round 6: Glenn Carson, ILB, Penn State
    Pros: Another product of linebacker U, ability to drop into short zones, strong tackler, could make a living playing special teams
    Cons: Limited athletic ability
    Round 7: Garrett Gilbert, QB, SMU
    Pros: Size, ability to move within the pocketshows good timing and short to intermediate accuaracy
    Cons: Ran a dink-and-donk offense and a low release point

    Analysis: Biggest area of need IMO is our end positions. Mookie was a NT for the colts in 2012. I also believe Hill, Casey, and Woods can play the position.

    If we take a QB early I fear division in the locker room will occur. Locker is either our guy or isn't. Take a late round developmental prospect, and if Locker isn't our guy past 2014 we look in next years draft.

    Running back is crowed with Greene, Battle, McCluster, and Washington. (Washington/Battle possible training camp cuts). Pick up a late round running back that has an all around skill set.
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    Epic name is epic

    Missed opportunity on the avi though.
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    Haha. I know it's a missed opportunity on the avi, I wanted to have something Titan atleast for being on a Titan forum.
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    1. Mike Evans, Texas A&M
    2. Dee Ford, Auburn
    4. Anthony Johnson, LSU
    5. Chris Davis, Auburn
    6. De'Anthony Thomas, Oregon
    7. Chris Boswell, Rice
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    Hey dude, welcome

    You got a high five for Hageman and Marcus Smith, two of my favourites.

    The rest of that draft is a disaster though
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    I really like Marcus Smith more and more if we go OLB round 2.

    He looks exactly like Morgan it's almost scary.



    Face, build, number, even stats are close

    Morgan 52 tackles 12 sacks 18.5 TFL

    Smith 42 tackles 14.5 sacks 18.5 TFL

    disclaimer: I'm not comparing their game only physical attributes. Lets not start a tangent on D Morgan
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    That's raaaacist.
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    Do you care to elaborate on why, and who you would take?