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Discussion in 'Tennessee Titans and NFL Talk' started by Gunny, Dec 24, 2006.

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    Haynesworth is a good player, and he can be an impact player on the defense, his attitude is a problem, but can be adjusted, take classes in the offseason, get some help, and we wont have this debate anymore
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    Maybe I heard the radio show a little wrong.

    Doesn't sound like he's too upset about it. But Fish has been a master of disguise before.
  3. Gunny

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    Its not an issue
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    I've been in and out of the forum without having enough time to clarify my comments regarding Haynesworth.

    First and foremost, I believe Haynesworth is our most talented DT. He is disruptive when focused and his abscence definitely effects the quality of our defense.

    Second- there can be no debating his "anger management" deficiencies. He has a sizeable history of offenses.

    Third, the Gurode incident nearly had him kicked off the team. ( Fisher clearly had had enough and indicated that Haynesworth very possibly would be released at that time if feasible/legal within NFLPA, contractual and legal considerations. Fortunately, Haynesworth hired a PR firm, made public appearances where he appeared appropriately contrite and served his suspension without further incident. He agreed to anger managment ( Fisher stated this was one of the most difficult situations he has had to deal during his HC tenure.

    I recognize that NFL is a a high impact game of aggressive collisions, fueled by anger and testosterone. I'm not bothered by the fact that "dirty play" is part of the game. IMO, AH clearly was playing dirty by the way he started and most importantly how he finished the facemask PF. Add to this this the fact that it almost couldn't have occurred at a worse time and it kept their drive alive. I mean, he was all over him and an assisting tackler would sure have been there soon, so grabbing and jerking the facemask was a bone-head thing to do from a team standpoint.

    My concern and reason for raising the issue is that Fisher uncharacteristically distanced himself from AH in the press. He normally supports players or at worst goes through his "Fisher-speak" about incidents where he doesn't say anything. Not so in this case. He cleary presented his dissatisfaction with AH. I was concerned when Fisher saw the tape, he would recognize a similar lack of self control with the facemask. I was under the impression from Fisher's prior statements that Haynesworth was on a really short leash and had very little latitude from Fisher for "dumb" play.

    Doesn't appear to be the case according to his show tonight- so I agree with others that say this really isn't a big issue. As long as Fisher is happy with Big Al- so am I.
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