Positives from yesterday...

Discussion in 'Tennessee Titans and NFL Talk' started by Titans2004, Nov 5, 2012.

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    I dont know...

    they didn't even get their asses kicked as badly as we did yesterday

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    It's gotta be rough for those poor people down in Jacksonville, theres no hope for them.

    Even if they don't get decimated every week, they're still destined to end up in L.A. or some other country.
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    I was a Colts fan a year before the Titans started, I was in 7th grade, and just getting into football. I was really excited in 2002 when they made the AFCS, guaranteeing that I'd see the two teams play every year. I've been to every Titans game in the Colts home stadium besides the playoff game there.My dad is a lifelong Colts fan, and has had season tickets since 1998.

    As Manning started getting better and better, I started hating the Colts and a lot of their fans because they were arrogant and smug. My only squabble ever was with a Colts fan in the last game at the RCA dome. Guy had his face painted and was a royal douche.

    Manning's gone. There's nothing left to hate. A lot of the bandwagoners have jumped off this season. New coach, who is respectable.. Didn't really like the dungy/Caldwell/Manning era at all. A good ol' dose of humble pie is a good way to cool them down a bit.

    I feel like the NFL was worse for me last season, because the Titans were mediocre, and the Colts sucked. I always liked the rivalry, and without it, the season was lame.

    I ABSOLUTELY did root against the Colts in the Super Bowl vs. the Saints. Was glad to see them lose.

    But I've got nothing against Luck. He's not as arrogant and entitled as Manning was, and doesn't seem like a crybaby. I hate generally every other team in the AFC besides they and the Dolphins.

    So.. since PM is gone, and the bandwagoners, I'll gladly root for the Colts once the Titans are eliminated from contention. The Titans shoot themselves in the foot. Nothing to do with the other teams. There's not a division in the NFL the Titans would be respectable in, right now.

    Look at the point differential.. We are likely the worst team in the league.. We squeak by, a few times, and get blown out the rest of the time.

    The 1-win Chiefs have given up 19 points less than us, the 1 win Jags have given up 24 points less than us.

    Once there's nothing left to root for (which if it isn't here yet, it will be soon) then I'll root for someone who has a chance. This team is a trainwreck. You won't see me sporting Colts memorabilia around, but I'll root for them to succeed, like everyone does with a team in the playoffs, when their team isn't in it.

    This year, the Colts or Texans didn't stifle the Titans.. the titans did. There is no rivalry when you are your own worst enemy.
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    and might I add that our net point differential is:


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    Ooh thats deep, I like that.
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    I still had plenty of fun at the game... since Bears fans were being overly obnoxious, I decided to cheer for the Packers the entire game.

    Have the Bears even beaten a good team yet? For what it's worth, I said the Bears would win their division and get the #2 seed and that Lovie would be coach of the year... it's all in the 2012 season predictions thread that I made way back. However, I don't think they've beaten a good team this year. Seems like the Packers are the only good team they've played, and they got destroyed.

    I do hope the Bears pummel the Texans on Sunday night, but I think the Texans matchup well against them. Watt will murder Cutler.

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    Hoping so.
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    I think new coordinators, a couple or three good hires, and another year for the young'uns to mature will do the trick. I think it was said that we have no leaders. So we need to find some. You can have a locker full of players but you can't make leaders out of them.
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    We are one good QB (and maybe coordinator) away from f'in ish up!!! I really believe that, you get a beast and leader under center, TRUST me our playmakers will wake up!

    I know yesterday everyone was dropping the ball, but really our QB (whoever that be) should be slinging the ball for 350 yards a game easily... Not like once every 8 games or whatever....

    Its hard to find positives from yesterday, but as 'Titans2004' said if we were to cut everybody (and I agree here big time) a lot of our players would be picked up REAL quick...

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    Nothing positive happened yesterday. This team has talent and looks awful. If that is not on the coaches I do not know what is. I fear they have quit. The Bears are not that good and their offensive line is so bad we actually had a pass rush. Of course we cannot tackle or play fundamental football but maybe that is asking for too much