players who don't belong in the league

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    While I agree our safety play sucks I think a big part of that could be "camouflaged" if we had a dominate D-line that could consistently get to the QB. A good line makes a mediocre secondary look way better. I mean Griffin, Finny and Hope all went to the Pro-bowl in '08 when our line was stout. I think we need to fix the line and lack of pressure/sacks first then take care of the secondary. We might be surprised how these guys would look if they didn't have to cover for half the day!

    Mouton needs to go though no matter what though...oh...and that soft BS zone scheme doesn't help either!
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    So which is it? Either you play soft zone because you can't generate pressure to cover for 6 seconds or you play Man and get smoked because you can't generate pressure and cover for 6 seconds.
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    see thats the problem.

    'la Vagician' does make the occasional play, but hes being paid too make almost all the plays.

    And when he does happen too make a play its usually after the damage has been done

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    Griffin thinks too much, he'll never be any good if he's always contemplating whats about to happen, gotta feel the game and go out there and do your thing.
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