Pick #137: Miami (OH) LB Terna Nande

Discussion in 'Tennessee Titans and NFL Talk' started by goTitans.com, Apr 30, 2006.

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    SUMMARY: Height: 6-0Weight: 23240 Time: 4.55With the 137th pick of the 2006 NFL Draft, the Tennessee Titans select Miami (OH) LB Terna Nande.Nande is a four-year starter and twice an All-Conference selection. He posted 44 tackles as a senior, missing five games with a lacerated liver. He posted career-high numbers of 109/20/5.5 as a sophomore.


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  2. Another OLB, are we just gonna give up on drafting MLB, perhaps we get these guys we're drafting to move into MLB.
  3. he could go middle, we dont know but he has the speed of and olb much more so than the other lb we picked
  4. CanadaTitan

    CanadaTitan Guest

    he hs a major liver problem and lacks size but can be a help to special teams hell basically replace boiman
  5. thnom

    thnom Camp Fodder

    I like the sound of him. OK Size, great speed but he has a non-stop motor! KVB baby!
  6. KamikaZ

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    He did 41 reps on the bench press, which is superb for a guy who only weighs 232. I'm not worried about his strength with numbers like that.
  7. wplatham

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    FOURTY TWO REPS! Man, that is one strong guy. He shouldn't have any problems shedding blockers. And I seriously doubt if the liver problem is going to affect him later.
  8. Bobo

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    Looks like a very high ceiling for this guy.
  9. GLinks

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    I love this pick. Also, as a bonus, the Tennessean reports that he can also play strong safety. He's 227 now, same a Bing. Add that I heard Bing was going to be moved to LB in Oakland, I'm really happy with this pick. Lowery and Nande can back up Lamont at SS, plus Nande will eat up STs and backup the outside. Could be a keeper long term.
  10. Gunny

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    I like this pick.

    man, anyone read about his mother? going to home country Nigeria and not allowed to leave.
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