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Discussion in 'Tennessee Titans and NFL Talk' started by SupDawg, Nov 7, 2006.

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    taking the easy way out eh :ha:
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    TJ's opnion is that KVB is a good pass rusher but not that good against the run. My eyes and the stats tell us otherwise. Guys who are dominant pass rushers but can't play the run don't get a lot of tackles. KVB is 5th among NFL DL in tackles.

    But KVB is not a pure pass rusher and we need one! Dwight Freeney is no worse than top 5 in that category. He'd be hard to get and cost a lot, but he's probably worth it to build the D into a dominant force we'll need for VY's early years.

    I would actually prefer Julius Peppers, but there is zero possibility of him being available. He IS the cornerstone of the Panthers D and arguably the best DE (both against the pass and run) in the game. He is a dream...unless you're playing Madden!

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    True he does get allot of tackles. Next time you see a game though watch #93. It is pretty obvious some times. He will end up past the QB in some cases when the guy on him plays it right.
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    How many QB pressures does Freeney have? How many DE's have more sacks than Freeney over the last 5 years? To clarify, Freeney has 51 sacks in 4 and a half seasons. In my book that's excellent production! Even if you can find me someone with more sacks...are they available in free agency or via trade? (BTW, Julius Peppers has 48.5 sacks over the same time period and will NOT be available).

    And Moss has been a dominant WR his whole career...even his down years are better than anyone we've had since Mason AND he scores TD's and makes big plays. And that's with a Raiders offense that is totally out of sync. I think it could work quite well here. Plus, who else would take a suspension waiting to happen in Pacman and would have a talented player we'd want who also could benefit from a change of scenery?

  6. Fry

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    i'll bite.

    harrison was talented enough to be taken in the first round, however with jeff george as his qb he never had 1000 yard season. in manning's second year he went from about 750 yards to 1400.

    but you could also say that harrison went by the three season rule that young WRs tend to go through. he was a steady 850 yard WR his first two years. then in his third year he had 776 yards in in 12 games compared to the previous two seasons when he played all 16.

    so, who the hell knows? but you have to say there is something to the way those guys communicate on and off the field. i think that has more to do with things than who makes who better.
  7. neither made each other, both were great in my opinion, but i do think that manning made reggie wayne
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    I didn't mean to make it sound that KVB is not doing his part. The fact is, the DL, as a whole, don't get enough tackles, IMO.

    Let's put this in context. He is fifth on the Titans in tackles averaging 4.75 per game, which, as you can expect, is quite a bit less than the LBs and S.

    Just like his sack numbers, his tackles appear to come against the weaker OL teams. Last week, he had two tackles when the Jags had 69 runs. Looking at other top teams, he had three tackles against the Chargers who had 37 carries. He had four against the Cowboys who had 41 rushes.
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    A great QB can elevate the game of an avg. WR more than a great WR can elevate the game of an avg. QB. I don't think their is any question that Moss helped Culpepper out a tremendous amount.

    VY is never going to be the type of QB that beats you with his quick read and pin point accuracy. That is why I think we need to get him a Moss type receiver and CJ is the closest thing in this draft. I think CJ's draft positon will be determined by his 40 yd time. If he runs sub 4.5 he goes top 5 if he runs slower then he falls a little.

    I also believe that it isn't a coincidence that often times the great QB/WR combos are drafted fairley close together so that their games can mature at the same rate. Another reason to take CJ if the chance presents itself.

    I totally agree that the way that VY is going to be the most effective is when we can establish a strong running game and have a stellar defense.

    Personally I don't think that their is a defensive guy that is worth a top 5 pick this yr. I've watched Gaines and am not convinced he is all that.

    The way we spend our FA dollars will help dictate the draft.

    I would love to be able to trade down to get another 2nd rnd pick because on the defensive side of the ball a good MLB and a good safety will be available in the 2nd rnd.

    I would give serious consideration to Blalock in the first if we end up picking out of the top 10. The guy can play both G and RT. He also is experienced at blocking for the read option which will continue to be a play we use.
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    I think you've misunderstood my evaluation of Bennett's talent.

    Bennett and Volek had a chemistry going. Bennett and VY do not. True, Bennett caught a TD..but Bennett has also dropped many, and VY has thrown some serious frozen turkeys.

    I am a Bennett fan, and as a fan, I can reasonably state that he is inconsistent. He can be either really great or terribly embarrassing, and you never know which one you're gonna get.
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