Peyton to visit TN

Discussion in 'Tennessee Titans and NFL Talk' started by CRUDS, Mar 12, 2012.

  1. 2ToneBlueBlood

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    Trying to look at this in a positive light. I would prefer him sign elsewhere and use our cap room to get a few defensive playmakers. But consider the up side to it if we did sign him.

    - Tons more games in primetime. We had NO primetime games last year. No Monday night games. No Sunday night games. I love when we play at night in front of a national audience. It’s great exposure for the team.

    - We’d be one of the lead stories on SportsCenter and NFL Network through most of the season. I hate watching Sunday NFL Countdown and the Titans getting 10 seconds of coverage. More exposure for the team.

    - All of those Peyton disciples that followed him from UT and became Colts fans, would probably turn into Titans fans, where they belong. I’m all for increasing our fan base.
  2. Chapparal97

    Chapparal97 Grumpy Old Fart

    Here's my take...........

    Bud Adams is old school and a founder of the old AFL. He publically called out Manning, and being that Bud is a "legend" and "historic football figure", Manning will respect that. Hate him all you want, but Peyton is classy. To snub Bud would be something unbecoming of a future HOF'er.

    Have any of you ever worked for an older person? Old school expects a face to face or telephone call, not e-mail or text from an agent. I expect Peyton to kiss the ring, make a show of it and sign with someone else.
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  3. Bayou Titan

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    Count me in as hoping this happens.... I'm so wore down from years of disappointment from my Oilers/Titans days... I'm ready to sell my soul
  4. GLinks

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    By meeting in Houston, the Titans get to meet with Manning sooner. The Texans are a convenient stop-by in that scenario. If they're at all serious, I doubt the Titans lose any advantage. Maybe they gain some for their haste.
  5. madeupdreams

    madeupdreams Starter

    Where are these reports that the meeting is going to take place in Houston?
  6. Alex1939

    Alex1939 Space Invaders Champion

    Can't wait to see us go 14-2 with Manning at the helm.
  7. Deuce Wayne

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    I probably hate Peyton Manning more than anyone... but you guys upset about it because JAKE LOCKER won't start?? Seriously?

    Look, I think Jake looked to have some potential... but almost completing 50% of your passes and a couple impressive heaves does not make you preferable over possibly the best QB the league has seen.

    And Peyton may not even be healthy enough to keep Locker on the bench.

    If old washed up Brett Favre can go and put the Vikings in the Super Bowl hunt - Peyton Manning certainly could here. As much as I hate to say it.

    And attendance would go WAY up. No more empty seats.

    Think Chris Johnson and Kenny Britt would rather have Locker coming in next year or Peyton Manning?... That's not a knock on Locker, either. You know he'd understand.
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    JCBRAVE Enjoy it while it lasts Tip Jar Donor

    You're probably gonna die before that happens.
  9. GLinks

    GLinks Second Gear

    That's what I think. We have seen a number of QBs the last several years in TN, so I'm well over the fear of change. I don't see much difference between Hass and Manning in terms of getting in Locker's way of development.

    There would be just as much opportunity for Locker to develop behind either QBS as well as just as much chance to play in case of injury. Jake is still the future if this happen.
  10. Fry

    Fry Welcome to the land of tomorrow!

    I look forward to taking a sabbatical from football in 2012 if this happens.
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