Peter O'Toole dead.

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    who? and stop posting links to Fox News
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    8 oscar nominations for that man and no wins. It seems like a major injustice but he lost to some fine actors and fine performances.

    I do think he was more deserving than Gregory Peck in 1962 but Peck's role in to kill a mockingbird was sentimental and before the term was used politically correct. Also Peck in 62 was a known and well loved commodity having more than a decade of films under his belt while O'toole was the new guy then though in the last 25 years new faces have won many times.

    I understand why Peck won but while his performance was solid O'toole as Lawrence was epic. No he defined the term epic.

    It's like in 1940 when Henry Fonda should have won the oscar for his performance in the grapes of wrath but lost to his good friend James Stewart in the Philadelphia story. Stewart was outstanding in that romantic comedy but come on Fonda was at another level with his role as Tom Joad.
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    Hey! I know who he is now! Well, sh*t, King Priam of the Brad Pitt Troy movie croaked huh? well he was pretty f^ckin old