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Discussion in 'Tennessee Titans and NFL Talk' started by, Dec 26, 2006.

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    SUMMARY: On Tuesday, Titans coach Jeff Fisher commented that his team has a unique camaraderie which has contributed to its success. "They challenge each other all the time in the meetings, on the practice field. They push each other," said Fisher. "The tempo’s been unlike the tempo we’ve had on the practice field ever. They’ve been very focused in the meeting rooms. I’ve been talking about this all year; this is a unique group. The personality is different. It’s a special group from that standpoint. Year in and year out it’s hard to maintain personalities like this one or even to achieve it. That’s why I think the personality of this team has had so much to do with it’s success."

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  2. LT21Titans27

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    Sounds more like VYs personality more than anyone else, and mayb a little of Lendale White, bc of his short temper and hard playing, its nice to see the young guys stepping up and making a positive tempo for the team
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    I read something along this line recently -- during practice one day Thornton and another player had an impromptu race to the ball when it was set on the ground, and they've continued to do that at every practice. Vanden Bosch has a motor that I don't think has quit since he's been here, and Mawae goes to BSP on Tuesdays (their only day off) to get a head start on reviewing film.
  5. nickmsmith

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    I agree with you that Vince does make this team a lot more motivated, but not Lendale. He really hasn't brought much to the table this year, If anything, Travis Henry should be getting the credit for that. Lendale's been riding the pine for most of this year, as he hasn't really showed himself to be any better than TH right now. Will he ever? yes. but not now.

    LW's attitude probably does more to hurt the team than help it. Spitting in your teammates face doesn't make you believe in your team any more.
  6. ico4498

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    why put it on only 2 players? if a group develops great camaraderie kudos to all!
  7. Gunny

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  8. abt1967

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    Maybe he should have typed that those two players have been the catalyst that brought about the camaraderie.
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    What is more important in the Titans turnaround, has been the impact that some players' character has had on the other Titans-creating a positive team chemistry.

    The addition of Kevin Mawae, David Thornton, Chris Hope, and David Givens have infused a positive winning attitude on the team. Add Vince Young's winning attitude to the mix, you have some dynamic personalities impacting the character of theother players. Its contageous.

    Team chemistry was very important with past Titans teams. It all starts with character-from the coach on down.


    All of these players were here in our first five losses. I put the rejuvination squarly on the shoulders of VY. He is the spark that got the rest of the pistons firing. We have always had talent on this team, but no one to stand up and be a leader since EDDIE. This is 100% VY. All the way...

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