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Discussion in 'NFL Draft' started by titans1839, Mar 3, 2014.

  1. JR1980

    JR1980 Starter

    I couldn't agree more. I didn't hate the Warmack pick, mainly because I wanted CJ to get back to form and the interior line REALLY needed help. I will admit though, when Star was available, I was praying they took him because he was not supposed to fall that far originally, then the whole heart bs came about...Exactly right..Could you imagine Donald/Casey/Pollard..and some other hard hitting agressive pieces with Horton's play calling?! That could be downright nasty...A solid defense will help even the crappiest of offensive units!

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    Ray Horton's style will hide a lot of our inefficiencies. He's going to have some of our guys looking like monsters.

    Horton got John Huges to play like a beast. In 2012 before Horton dude SUCKED, but in 2013 with Horton he was awsome. Same thing with Jabaal Sheard. I can't wait to see what he does with Morgan and Brown.
  3. titans92790

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    Last year I wanted to trade back for Jarvis Jones, this year I want to trade back for CJ Mosley. Just trade back, that's how you get the most out of draft picks. There is too much emphasis on the top 10 picks to change their franchises around.
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  4. JR1980

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    All for trading back if we can't get the monster they want....Period
  5. xhrr

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    I hate when people say to trade back before we even see who goes and falls before our pick. You don't just trade back for the sake of trading back. That's why you wait until your on the clock cause you have no idea what the best course of action is until you know who is available or unavailable and can compare it to your draft board.
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  6. xhrr

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    I'm bored so here is what I think we do this offseason not necessarily my perfect Draft/FA

    Sign: Damian Williams, Chris Spencer plus the three we already locked up BP, Ropati, and Battle

    Pay cut: Kam Wimbley

    Cut: Dave Stewart, Craig Stevens, CJ, and Patrick Bailey

    FA: Brandon Spikes, Anthony Collins, Tarell Brown, Darren McFadden


    1. Eric Ebron TE UNC
    2. Dominique Easley DL Florida
    4. Aaron Murray QB Georgia
    5. Tyler Gaffney RB Stanford
    6. Tyler Starr OLB South Dakota
    7. Kendall James CB Maine
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  7. RavensShallBurn

    RavensShallBurn Ruck the Favens

    Don't like the idea of signing McFadden and drafting a TE in the 1st even if it's Ebron. TE isn't a huge need right now. As for RB I would prefer Joique Bell or Ben Tate. Although I think Bell is a RFA. Can't remember. I also don't see the need in Tarrell Brown. If we let Verner walk it's because we are comfortable with what we have in Sensabaugh and Wreh-Wilson.

    Otherwise that's awesome. Really hope we can get Spikes and Murray.
  8. xpmar9x

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    Here's another...

    Cut Chris Johnson, Craig Stevens, and David Stewart
    Restructure BOTH Michael Griffin and Kamerion Wimbley

    Let Verner walk. I love Verner, but he'll net too much $, just like Finnegan did. Would rather spend that $ elsewhere and have Coty step into the starting spot, who I really like.

    Sign Karlos Dansby, Michael Hoomanwanui, and a RT (Austin Howard or Zac Streif). We have the $ after we make the above cuts, restructed Griff/Wimbley, and let Verner walk. Could also look at CBs, cheaper options for 3rd/4th string depth.

    ** Trade w/ Ravens (they move up for Mike Evans) **
    #11 for #17 & #48 (plus we swap 4ths)

    #17 - Louis Nix, NT, Notre Dame
    #42 - Carlos Hyde, RB, Ohio St
    #48 - Kyle Van Noy, OLB, BYU
    4th - AJ McCarron, QB, Alabama
    5th - Best OT available

    Many different ways we could go at #17... Nix, Ealy, a CB, and Mosley would all be in play. Also a chance we opt for a QB in the 2nd.
  9. xhrr

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    I can't say I'm fully on board with drafting a TE but Ebron is a beast and would free up WR's on the outside. We always seem to make a pick I don't expect and Ruston likes athletes so I could see it. McFadden should come cheap and I'd rather see him on the roster after given a prove it type deal then Battle. He could offer something in the passing game if nothing else. It wouldn't prevent me from drafting someone but he's a nice risk reward signing. Bell would be awesome cause he's an awesome pass catcher out of the backfield something we don't have at the moment. Brown is a physical and consistent CB that wouldn't command nearly the money Verner will and is insurance if/until Wilson is ready.

    Love Murray and really like Spikes besides our other speedy backers.

    People are sleeping on Van Noy but to me he is comparable to Barr with better instincts just played against weaker competition.
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