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Discussion in 'NFL Draft' started by gkgtchey, Jan 6, 2011.

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  1. chamgel2

    chamgel2 Starter

    No we dont need Leaf or Lienart, would you rather have Jamarcus Russell? You can throw the comparisons both ways. He is not Steve McNair, McNair was a much better passer then Newton has shown. I have said numerous times that I do not believe there is a QB in this draft worthy of a top 10 pick. I don't see a franchise QB in the group. My question is, when was the last time one of these dual threat QBs made it to the Super Bowl? Those types of QBs just are not successful in the NFL because they rely on their athletic ability instead of learning to read Ds. We have tried the dual threat route for the past 15 or years, it's time to go a different direction.
  2. steverife

    steverife Starter

    I assume that "those type of QB's" means tall muscular black dudes, because their games are very dissimilar.
  3. HeadOnASwivel

    HeadOnASwivel Starter

    Comes from a zone read offense.

    Character concerns.

    Running QB's are often injured in the NFL... can't stay on the field that what's the use?
  4. Shanvhere

    Shanvhere Elite

    I just...............................................................................pooped in my pants. Are you going for the most "it sucks" thread forealzsun.
  5. CheeseheadTitan

    CheeseheadTitan Pro Bowler Tip Jar Donor

    I preface this by saying I do not want us to draft Newton for alot of the reasons already posted here...BUT...

    As I have said on a couple of other threads now, if Newton has another game on Monday night like the one he had against South Carolina in the SEC Championship, I see him becoming this years' version of Jarmacus Russell (the hype, not necessarily the predicted outcome), and I see him elevating in the draft (especially now with Luck staying in school).
  6. 24

    24 Starter

    Josh Freeman is a pocket passer. Just like McNair was a pocket passer. You're lumping all the black QBs together. What we are saying is that we want a pocket passer, whether he's black, white, brown, etc.
  7. griff33daddy

    griff33daddy Starter

    heres what i gathered as a draft....

    round 1Blaine Gabbert, QB, Missouri--given that we dont get mcnabb only--orton or anyone else would be a waste
    if we get mcnabb i could see us picking Aldon Smith, DE, Missouri or J.J. Watt/ DE, Wisconsin
    round 2--Greg Jones, OLB, Michigan State/Pat Devlin, QB, Delaware(if we get mcnabb)
    round 3--Quinton Carter, S, Oklahoma/Will Hill, S, Florida
    round4--Tim Barnes, C, Missouri/Ahmad Black, S, Florida(if he runs a decent 40 at combine)
    round 5--Brian Rolle. LB, Ohio State-big and stout linebacker
    round6- John Clay, RB, Wisconsin-take some beating off cj
    round7--Jordan Holmes, C, Oregon

    this mock would work for me too lol
  8. chamgel2

    chamgel2 Starter

    That draft site mock is ok through the first 3 rounds..although I would take Nevis over Casey. Amukamara, Nevis, Ponder would be a great 1-3 pick. I'm not a fan of their picks in the later rounds though. I'd rather have Ponder in the 3rd then Gabbert in the first. For playing in a QB friendly system, Gabbert was very unimpressive. He will be taken high because of his arm and potential, but he screams bust at me, as do most of the highly ranked QBs in this draft. Locker is the one wild card though.
  9. TitansBlue

    TitansBlue Camp Fodder

    I'm not sure Vince could be packaged for much more than a 5th/6th round pick and a sandwich at this point
  10. TitansBlue

    TitansBlue Camp Fodder

    your first scenario would be a pretty good one; except it would not solve the dline issue.
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