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Discussion in 'Tennessee Titans and NFL Talk' started by THE53, Dec 22, 2005.

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  1. Albert's biggest problem over the last 2 years has been his health. He has to stay on the field.
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    Thats a bogus stat. The reason we #1 against the run is because our O was putting up points early and often and teams had to abandoned the run to catch up (like we did this year) not becuse Schwartzussy is a mastermind DC.
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    Tell that to Jamal Lewis and his 2000 yards when our D held him to around 30 rushing yards in the playoff game, a game that we didnt get up early and a game that was close the entire time.
  4. I'll admit that our run D (in and of itself) wasn't the best in the league. But it was still one of the better ones.

    And the fact that we were so far ahead, forcing teams to throw, also caused us to give up a ton of garbage points, which Schwartz detractors count against him. You can't have it both ways...
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    Garbage points or not, the defense's job is to stop the other team from scoring.
  6. Actually, the defense's job is to help win the game. When you have a big lead already, all they have to do is prevent offenses from scoring quickly enough to mount a comeback. We gave up a lot of garbage points when we were giving up short yardage plays and preventing big ones. It worked from the win-loss perspective, and that's all that matters.
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    Actually if you want a D that is Estrogenated then D is played this way.

    A manly D shuts down the other O so the good guys O can grind the clock for the win.
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    I agree. I dont think you can have your players jacked up playing aggresive one sec, then asked them to shut it off like a switch and drop back and let the other team complete pass after pass.
  9. Really? You don't think that can work? Then find me any game in 2003 where we were doing that with a big lead and we lost the lead...
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    The idea is to only give up short passes and not allow them to catch up by giving up the long ball. It's a little frustrating to watch at times but it worked for several years. I don't think the players have any problem with this since they know why they're doing it and it's not like they're just giving away the yardage without trying to make a play. That's just me trying to rationalize it but personally, I hate it when we go to the prevent D.
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