Penn State deserves Death Penalty

Discussion in 'Other Sports' started by Alex1939, Jul 14, 2012.


Death Penalty?

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  2. No...

  1. Alex1939

    Alex1939 Space Invaders Champion

    An assistant coach sucked some kid's **** in the corner of the shower facility while head coach/coaches/administrators covered it up...

    USC bought Reggie Bush's parents a house and he lost the heisman and they forfeited the BCS title because of it....

  2. Ten_Titans

    Ten_Titans Pro Bowler


    Notice how all of those violations are attempts at an advantage in sports.

    Not a (horrific) assualt crime. The legal system can handle it, the NCAA just needs to stay out.

    Besides, who does punishment harm? Fans, the new coaches, the players, the TV providers...

    Who doesn't it punish? Everyone who is to blame; they are too busy being in jail or being dead to give a crap what happens to PSU.

    The whole "revenge" mentality is cool and all; I mean, who isn't a fan of vigilante justice?

    But what is the DP going to solve, exactly?

    His crimes were horrific, however; in 2 months, people will start caring less and less.

    But go ahead, give PSU the DP, ruin that university for the next 20 years off of a reflex.

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  3. Ten_Titans

    Ten_Titans Pro Bowler

    Assuming the goal is to relieve the kids and their families, make the university pay a crapload of money.

    "But that doesn't fix it?"

    You think they give a crap whether a Penn St football team that had nothing to do with it is playing football?

    Yeah, I've never been through something like that, but I would prefer the money I assure you.

    The whole thing is just silly.

    Say I walk into walmart and get punched out by the greeter because he is a crazy ****. The manager covers it up, over and over.

    Walmart finds out and fires all of them, manager, greeter, checkout lady who saw it happen.

    Then someone steps in and shuts down every Walmart in the country? After Walmart itself did everything (and more) to relieve those affected.

    No, thats not how it should work.
  4. Scarecrow

    Scarecrow CEO of PPO Tip Jar Donor

    well you see the difference is.....

    Penn St found out, and didn't fire any of them. I get your point, but thats a bad example.
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  5. The Playmaker

    The Playmaker pineapple pizza party

    Paterno is dead, all the guys in on it are no longer with the program and are either in jail or about to be, and the players weren't in on it.

    So why punish the players for something people did that are no longer there? I would rather just take down his statue, remove Paterno completely from the record books, and move on.

    This isn't like SMU where just about everyone was guilty. We're talking about off the field that a few guys knew about. Those players and the people in that town have had enough of this already, no need for further punishment on the innocent people. A friend of mine was actually recruited to play there and even met Joe Pa and he was upset about it, I can't imagine the actual players.

    If there are others involved then they will be found, honestly the NCAA should just wipe them all out and bring in new guys. Boom, done.
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  6. Big TT

    Big TT Annoying the's what I do.

  7. Titans Eternal

    Titans Eternal Got the swagger of a cripple

    They need to topple that statue the way we did the Saddam one.
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  8. Fry

    Fry Welcome to the land of tomorrow!

    So what exactly does the death penalty solve in this case? Everyone who was involved is either dead, fired or in prison. Two years without football isn't going to solve anything.

    I don't really see this as an NCAA issue, but a legal one.
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  9. jplusip

    jplusip Pro Bowler

    Without the figurehead Joe Pa Penn St. was pretty much dead anyways.
  10. dg1979us

    dg1979us Pro Bowler

    I dont think they deserve the death penalty, simply because that will end up punishing a lot of people who had absolutely nothing to do with the scandal. Plus, SMU is still recovering from the death penalty from over 25 years ago, I dont think that is fair to the future students and potential players at Penn State to more or less get punished for something they had nothing to do with. Plus, Sandusky in jail, Joe Pa is dead, other people have trials coming up, so the law is taking care of most of the key figures in this situation. But in saying that, I would give them really tough penalties. SOmething along the lines of a 5 year bowl ban and a significant reduction of scholarships over that period. Plus I would let any current player transfer without having to sit out a year. That way, they are still punished severely, but it doesnt destroy the program for decades to come.
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