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Discussion in 'NFL Draft' started by Titans2008, Dec 18, 2006.

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  1. Fry

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    landry ended up with one of those reynaldo hill picks.
  2. Vince10

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    Maybe we should start valuing MLBs higher, if we want to start, you know, stopping the run. I certainly have not been so impressed with any scheme I have seen with our defense that I wouldnt mind scrapping it in favor of one that features a great MLB. Especially if we upgrade our DTs, a guy like Willis could make a huge impact. Let Tulloch be the primary backup at all 3 spots.
  3. Architect

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    I totally agree. I really feel like we need to upgrade the Mike! CB and DE are also big needs. Im really not sold on FS tho. I feel like the answer may be in Fuller, Lowry, or Finnegan but they havent have enough time at the spot to hold the starting position. DT may be a later round need considering that we played Odom at that spot of a little before he was injured
  4. Titanpride

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    I'm a big fan of Willis ( personally I would draft him ), that being said... I have a hard time believe Reese would spend a first round pick on a Middle Linebacker that would play only a small % of the time. They still drafted Tulloch and consider him headed in the right direction. We need a upgrade at FS... Im hoping Lowry is the answer and assume Thompson is all but done. Thompson made poor angles and was burned game after game.
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    several quotes................

    "I think he will be Great. For what most know He's 6'2 232 lbs. runs a 4.6 40. Led the nation in '05 in solo tackles. 2nd in solo in '06. Won the 2006 Dick Buckus Award and the Chucky Mullins Courage award at Ole Miss. He also leads the SEC in total tackles. He is a team captain and a true leader for the team. He was an OLB but got moved to MLB this season. He has the talent to play both.. probably the best tackler in the country. "(HE IS)

    "When Coach Ed Orgeron came over to Ole Miss from being Defensive Coordinator at Souther Cal, he found Patrick Willis sitting on the bench. 'Coach O' stated that if he was at USC, Patrick would be starting for USC over any of their LB at that time (Tatupu).............usc later went on to lose to UT in the Nat'l Championship (guess they did need 'P-Willie' to stop Vince. He finally found his way into the starting rotation in 2005 (when he led nation in solo tackles). He opted to stay his senior year to finish school, earn his degree, and enjoy being a college student athlete. He played the entire 2005 season with different injuries. He plays every down hard and never quits..never goes easy any play. as you can see in my picture he played with a club on his hand for the majority of the year, had a broken finger."

    "Besides 'stats' which i'm sure there is more people can find, I fill you in more on his personal life, he has great character, a stand up guy, and is involved in a lot of community service. His mother left him and his 3 siblings when they were younger and left them alone with their abusive father. In the summer of 2005, his younger brother drowned to death while swimming in a pool because his muscles cramped up and his friends couldn't pull him out (218 lbs). He has overcome many hard things in his life and has a good attitude about it..that it makes him stronger and that he's a better person because of it. He grew up having to take care of his younger brothers and sister."

    Below are some links to articles and quotes from them if anyone is interested...

    -"I think a Bible verse says, 'In order for God to forgive you have to forgive others,'" Patrick said. "With that in my heart, I knew I still had to forgive him." - on his father.

    - In 2005, Willis led the nation in solo tackles. This season he is second. When his highlights were shown Monday at the Nagurski dinner, his were the only ones that drew "oohs" and "aahs."

    -At age 6, Patrick was cooking breakfast for younger sister and brothers. At age 10, he was picking cotton around his Bruceton, Tenn., home. The proceeds went to Ernest to pay the utilities.

    Even now, Patrick says it wasn't that bad.

    "I didn't necessarily pick cotton with my hands," he says. "I chopped."

    “I’m totally satisfied with my decision to come back,” he said. “I enjoy waking up each morning playing college football. As far as my performance, I’ve done alright so far, not where I’d love to be at. But that’s part of college football; it’s part of the game. You have to keep working and play to the end. That’s where I’m at right now.”

    “I think the leadership this year has been outstanding,” Willis said. “We haven’t won as many games as we wanted to so far, but just being able to come out here each Monday after a loss and motivate these guys, talk to them and get them going on the practice field, I think that's been good.”

    “(Academics) was one of the main things,” said Willis. “Although I love to play this great game of football, but it’s not guaranteed that I’m going to go pro after this, and it’s not even guaranteed that I’m going to have tomorrow to play another down of football, so you have to have something to fall back on. And we all know the big thing in the world today is having an education, a degree to fall back on. That was one of the most important factors.”

    It doesn’t hurt that Willis has dominated opposing offenses and perhaps earned his place in Rebel lore as the most heralded defensive player in Ole Miss football history.

    I think this says a little about him if y'all take the time to read

    I will tell you a story. During this season I was walking through campus towards 'the grove' before a football game. I walked be a group of about 12 kids ranging from about 6-13 years old and they were playing a game of touch football. 1 of the kids had on a #10 Eli Manning Jersey..the other 11 kids were wearing #49 Patrick Willis Jerseys. I saw that and kinda laughed..everybody loves him.

    He is driven and genuine............he will be the best of them all....................
  6. Gut

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    It's nice to see an excellent player overcome so much and it speaks volumes about him personally. However, our MLB is only on the field 50% of the time and Willis is not good in pass coverage. He'd help against the Jags...not against the Colts. I could see a Vince Hall being around in rnd 2 where they could take an excellent MLB, but even then I don't think they will. We have bigger fish to fry (DE and CB) according to Fisher (and FS according to everyone).

  7. Soxcat

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    No way I see us using our 1st pick on a MLB unless he is far and away the BPA. We will help the team more with a stud DE or S on defense IMO.
  8. TNThunder

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    I agree. We have had no one step up and be a great DE. Either we get one in FA or draft one, but that should be job 1. While we do need help at LB, we drafted two last year, and they will probably wait and see how they develop. Same deal at Safety......we have Finnegan, Lowry and Fuller. I doubt we go after another one. Rocky Boiman won the Dick Butkus award too......I wouldn't let that award be an influence.
  9. Soxcat

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    We do need help at LB but mostly for depth so I see us drafting one of two later in the draft. We also will need at least one safety either early to be an immediate starter or later as depth. I doubt Nickey is back and Finnegan is going to be a CB/Nickel IMO and would only play S in an emergency role.
  10. Vince10

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    I'll be pretty disappointed if we dont have the DE problem solved by the time the draft comes around.
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