Pacman Sued by Vegas Bouncer...

Discussion in 'Tennessee Titans and NFL Talk' started by BACK2SMASHMOUTH, Jun 25, 2007.

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  1. GoTitans3801

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    Ok, many references have been made to "the suit" being frivolous. My references have intended to refer only to the charges being brought against pacman. Since this is a titans forum, that's what I've been talking about. I can't speak for riverman on this point.

    I think it's fine to bring the suit against whoever you can prove harmed you. However, I think Pacman has been included in the suit because he has the money, not because they can prove that he did anything.

    To call the suit frivolous is not to call the man an absolute liar. Quit making extremes. Read my earlier post, to call the suit frivolous is to say that the suit (or the parts charging pacman) are being brought despite the fact that they probably do not have legal merit.
  2. RollTide

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    If the man is telling the truth any normal person would have to say that there is legal merit. To blow of his suit is to suggest he is a liar.

    If we compare this suit to those that we can almost all agree were frivolous there is no comparison. In some suits there is doubt there was any real damage. We know people were damaged here. In some suits the person bringing the suit might be most responsible for their damage. A person who eats 50 double cheeseburgers a day for example has to take some responsibility for being fat. You mentioned the coffee incident at mcdonalds as an example. The guy in new jersey suing the dry cleaner for $50M.

    I just don't see how this has anything in common with those types of suits. People here were really hurt and they would not have been hurt had pacman not been there. Everything else has to be worked out in court.

    I just think it is pretty lame to say a suit was frivolous when it was pacman who probably started this whole incident.
  3. TNThunder

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    I am sure Pacman was named for several reasons. One, he is the only one they know for sure. Two, he does have the deepest pockets, and three, he was responsible for the other people being there....thus coercion. The length of time in this matter is probably due to the DA trying to find out who the others were, and had no luck. Now they can only charge Pacman and hope he rolls over on them....can you say Plea Bargain?
  4. RollTide

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    At least 2 other people were charged criminally for the same thing and those same people were named in the law suit. So it isn't just pacman.

    By the way there was a picture posted of a so called person of interest whom they believed might be the shooter. I'm not sure if they ever had the chance to question the guy or not. The shooter is holding out somewhere pretty tight and i hope for pacman's sake he isn't helping this guy in any way.
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