'Pacman' can join Cowboys for workouts (AP)

Discussion in 'Tennessee Titans and NFL Talk' started by NewsGrabber, Jun 2, 2008.

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  1. mdfan

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    He's got to have a bit of rust after being away from football a year - assuming he stays clean long enough to play in the regular season it will be interesting to see how long it takes him to shake off the rust.
  2. Riverman

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    You should be bitter. The Cowboys FO and fan base have handled the situation like a professional franchise that has multiple Super Bowl appearances and victories. We did let a premiere player go to another team for a steal. I agree that the whole trade has a very high probability as eventually being regarded as one of the dumbest trades in history.

    Now that Goodell has arbitrarily decided Pac can re-join his team (strange timing- huh?), the national media is making favorable comments toward Pac, the Cowboys and Goodell. Not surprising really.

    I honestly think Pac will perform on the field to the same level he did while he was a Titan. It will take him a little bit of time to adjust to the Cowboy's defensive schemes and terminology.

    We can see how he does off the field although I really don't think it matters with a PR and behavior support system like Dallas has and their average fan's attitude toward the deal.

    It will be painful for me watching any success he has as a Cowboy, knowing that we really have received the short end of the stick. But that is just the way it went down- so I honestly just have to let it go.
  3. vslyke

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    He'll be a great nickel back this year while he's learning the scheme, and then as long as he is still free to play, he'll be the #1 CB for the Cows and be a Pro Bowler. That's a big if though. Best case senario is that he doesn't get suspended but that he has lost his work ethic and turns into the Mike Williams of CBs. That's unlikely to happen though.
  4. Jwill1919

    Jwill1919 Coach

    I think he will outproduce his days as a Titan simply because of the improved coaching staff around him. Honestly, in what scheme do you see Pac fitting better? one being implemented by Jim Schwartz or Wade Phillips? Pac is going to get a lot of bad balls thrown his way because of the pressure Dallas puts on, and it's going to make him better schematically. After all, Phillips will put his players in the best position to succeed as opposed to Schwartz. Easy call, if he stays clean, he will excel.
  5. Rebel Titan

    Rebel Titan Oiler Cannon Ball

    Isn't Wade the Head Coach? Brian Stewart is the Defensive Coach. I don't know enough about him to compare him to anyone, let alone to Chief Redhat.
  6. Michi40

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    This really makes me mad. Goddell is so far being a pain in the ***.
  7. Deuce Wayne

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    Whoooaaaa! The only pass Marvin caught against him in 2 games and it wasn't man coverage. Sh* happens.
    Fact is the guy allowed only 4 receptions vs T.O., Harrison, Andre Johnson, L. Coles, Santana, etc in man coverage. That's hard to beat, I don't care who you are.
    so pointing out him losing a guy on one play or something doesn't really hurt much. Marvin got lucky one time. It happens to the best of them. Champ Bailey gets burned a lot.
  8. vslyke

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    He got burned by Brandon Jones though. Not a good comparison.
  9. SEC 330 BIPOLAR

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  10. jessestylex

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    the biggest problem for Pacman will be going out to celebrate a win. Feeling like he is on top of the world and untouchable will be a challenge. Trouble will come looking for him if he ends up in the wrong clubs or parties.
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