Owner has Faith in Fisher, Reese and Young Team

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    SUMMARY: Titans owner Bud Adams was asked about getting his franchise heading back in the proper direction. "Recently we’ve been down, but you just have to fight through it and get back to where we’re winning again," said Adams. "I think we’re good at the coaching level and general manager level. We have two very experienced men in there with Jeff Fisher and Floyd Reese that can get the job done. Jeff is a great coach. We had to take some of the good players away and that hurts a team when you let those veteran guys go like that. Now we’re rebuilding and they will get the job done. I would hope we can get it done by next year or the following year. At my age I challenge them and tell them, ‘Let’s get it done in a hurry.’ But I believe they will get it done. We should be turning the thing around this coming year with those young players really beginning to perform for us."

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  2. SEC 330 BIPOLAR

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    No mention of "reloading" ... Could the FO be back in touch with reality?
  3. GoT

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    one of the advantages of an owner with a realistic window of oppertunity - his own - lol
  4. metal957

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    Sounds good and I like how he said this year or next which means that if we still don't have a stellar year this year Jeff will still be around another to get it turned around
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