Our WRs are just bad

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    Honestly, look through out the league the good teams usually have pretty good 1-2 duo WRs. In our team we have a solid WR corp. Mathews isnt an WR1 talent. His solid at a very best and doesnt create yardage after the catch. Decker looks about done. We still dont know what we have with TT beacause his barely on the the field due to our dumb coaches. And we all know Davis is still rehabbing his 12 weeks ago wammmstring.

    Basically, our WRs suck ass, I never see them beating man coverage. Hardly ever see them open. I think thats one of the problems why we also look sluggish in the first half of the games.
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    Matthews doesn't need to create yardage after catch. Matthews has made some absolute CLUTCH catches when called up, therefore there's no complaints from me at all.

    Corey Davis being out has shook up this whole offense.

    Nobody really was expecting anything from Taylor, Decker was suppose to be a 3rd down possession WR, and Matthews has reached his expectations.

    Davis playing at a level he's expected to play and I think this group could be pretty good.
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    Disagree almost entirely with this post, WRs have been okay, would like to see NoPlayDavis get into the lineup though...
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    Also disagree with this. WR isnt too big a concern for me. Havent seen many bd drops really. Certainly far improved from when it was Douglas, Wright and DGB.

    Matthews hasn't been amazing but hes still very solid. Decker had a great game against the colts. Also caught quite a big 3rd down catch on the sideline against seahawks. Taylor is doing a lot more than anyone expected from him.

    When Davis gets back it should hopefully bump everyone else down the depth chart and give them easier match ups.

    I do miss Tajae though...
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    Solid WR Corp, isn't bad, IMO. Yea we don't have that game changer yet(Waiting on Davis...), but how many teams have a stud 1-2 punch at WR?

    I blame play calling, especially the 1st half, more than saying we have bad WRs.

    Also think Taylor is showing he isn't just a gimmick WR. Let him learn all the ropes, and when Davis actually does get on the field and stays, all of a sudden you have a well above average WR group.
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    JCBRAVE Enjoy it while it lasts Tip Jar Donor

    This is news to no one

    Titans and wide receiver is almost an oxymoron...
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    Of all the games to be critical of the WRs, FairyGOATa picks this one. 218 of Fairyota's 306 yards were via WR. Mularkey said there were zero mental errors at WR, which was a first in his career.

    Anything to pass the blame from the Golden Child.
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    Denver, Oakland, Houst, GB, Dallas, Tampa, Pittsburg, etc. I can go on...

    Our WRs arent really talented. Mathews is decent but like many others I hardly ever see him beating coverage, he does make some real nice catches.

    And Fry this isnt passing blame its the truth.
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    I think the talent is there for the WRs but maximizing the talent is another story. 99% of this forum can all agree that this offense does the absolute minimum as far as getting the most out of these WRs and that includes Mariota. When the offense is primarily built on run,run, pass you can't fault the wide receivers because the offense is so predictable when we do pass.
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    Rishard Matthews is on pace for almost 1000 yards. He sux though.
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