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Discussion in 'Tennessee Titans and NFL Talk' started by RollTide, May 5, 2007.

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  1. h4t

    h4t Starter

    Does anyone know anything about Ealy, the undrafted free agent. Apparently we gave him a draftable grade.
  2. ONUV

    ONUV Starter

    chris davis is the most intriguing. i don't like that we waited until the 3rd round to address the WR position.
  3. Puck

    Puck Pro Bowler


    why does he need to adjust to the NFL to have similar characteristics ?
  4. Spinnaker

    Spinnaker Guest

    PW's a beast, he plays all the way through the whistle and then some
  5. Puck

    Puck Pro Bowler

    but while we're at it
    look at the 99 ydr for example (like a minute in / youtube)
    what does that look like to you ?
    it's got to remind you of someone

    all i'm saying is you could throw a Green/White jersey or a Purple/Gold jersyer on the guy and it'd look awfully familiar
  6. RyansTitans

    RyansTitans Guest


    Id say Paul looks more like T.O
  7. yea.. hes not as fast as moss
  8. johnnybow

    johnnybow Guest

    There's gonna be a lot of compeitition come training camp-excellent!
  9. yea... and im excited that its at baptist that way i might be able to come see some of the camp which would be soo cool
  10. The Playmaker

    The Playmaker pineapple pizza party

    I can see all 3 make good contributions this year or next.
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