Orton vs Kolb

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Who Would You Trade For?

  1. Kevin Kolb

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  2. Kyle Orton

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  1. Soxcat

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    Kolb has potential. Orton has proven he can play at a pretty high level.

    Basically I'd be tickled to death if Locker came out in a few years and put up back to back 3800 yard passing seasons. People would be calling him a stud and even if the team didn't win many games they would be making all kind if excuses for him (and I'm not sure they wouldn't be justified in doing so) and why the team didn't win. But since it is Orton now the guy sucks? Give Orton a good OL, weapons to throw to including CJ at RB and I have no doubt the offense will move the ball and score points. Considering over half of the 1st round QBs totally suck and a fair part of the other half never reach Orton's level I'd say he would be a smart way to go for a team needing a QB.

    Kolb has potential but simply hasn't done as much as Orton.
  2. PhiSlammaJamma

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    Started 7 times and had 3 100+ rated games. That kinda seems like maybe it's something, do ya think?

    Take out the start he got knocked out of... and the three remaining starts he threw for:

    391 yds.
    231 yds
    169 yds

    So Basically, you're talking about 1 sub par outing for a young kid getting his first stint. I'd take that anyday. Is he worth a first rounder. No way. Not even a 3rd rounder. But he's definately got a chance to make it in this league. No guarantees. But off to a good start. Probably 5-11. But more promise than Orton. But he's be in a no win situation. Terrible team and rookie waiting in the wings. Bad situation for success.

    Orton is ok. He's the more realistic option. But I'd have low expectations. And I think Orton would fulfill them. Probably 6-10 or 7-9 without a strike.

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    If Orton is out in Denver, what are the Broncos going to do when Tebow runs into a wall of linebackers and is out for 4 weeks?
  4. TitanAtl

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    I would pick Orton just because he is a known quantity and someone who can for sure play pretty well(if not great).

    Ideally we would be sitting here with Nick Fairley from the 8th pick and trading for either one to be our starter for a while with a QB drafted later in this past draft. That isn't the reality of course though so I realistically don't think the Titans would trade for either.
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