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    [​IMG] at Pittsburgh---The last time we played at Pittsburgh on opening day the game went into overtime and this one should be a hard fought game as well.Both teams have made a few changes since then though the Steelers still have Big Ben at QB but they weren't as dominant last year only going 8-8.I think we have a good shot...

    at Houston---We go to Houston early in the season this time.They will have Brian Cushing back from injury and the defense will be a real test against Locker and our offense but with a much better line intact i think it will be harder for their defense to try and dominate.This game will be much closer than the last few we've played.

    [​IMG] San Diego--Our first home game after two hard games on the road.We haven't had a victory against San Diego in nearly twenty years but i think this is where we break that streak.The Chargers are not as good as they used to be and they also have new coaching staff as well.I think we will overcome Rivers and the Chargers.

    New York---Really not sure who the qb will be in this it could Sanchez it could be the rookie Geno Smith but the Jets just let a lot of players go especially on defense including Darelle Revis one of the best corners in the game today.The Jets are rebuilding and i think we should win this one.

    Kansas City---Our third straight home game.The Chiefs have a new coach Andy Reid and new qb Alex Smith and both are looking to team up and get KC back on track.Andy Reid likes to throw the ball so the Chiefs might not run as much as in years past.One of the worst teams last year so i don't see why we shouldn't get a victory.

    At Seattle---A trip to the far west coast in one of the loudest stadiums in the league.They went to the playoffs last season and are talented on both sides of the ball.They also picked up Percy Harvin a great weapon for QB Russell Wilson who is quickly becoming a really good qb.This will be a very hard one in my opinion.

    San Francisco---A home game against the 49ers who went to the super bowl last season.Kaepernick is going to have to be stopped by our defense or he will cause plenty of headaches.The defense is also very good led by Patrick Willis.We do have TE Delanie Walker who played for the Niners last season so he could have some insight but either way this one isn't going to be easy.

    [​IMG]At St. Louis---The Titans go on the road to face their former coach Jeff Fisher and the Rams.I think this one could be a close hard fought game but overall i do think we are strong enough to get a victory.

    Jacksonville---The Jaguars were one of the worst teams in the league last season.Either be Henne or Gabbert at qb either way i think this will be a big day for our defense and a victory as well.

    Indianapolis---A Thursday night division game against the Colts.Last season we lost in overtime at home to Indy but this time i think our fortunes will be much better.I think we will win in a close one.

    At Oakland---The first of three straight games on the road starts on the west coast against the Raiders who are one of the worst teams in the league.Don't know much about Matt Flynn but he is likely to be their starting qb.I don't see any reason we can't grab a victory if we play well.

    [​IMG] At Indianapolis---Two games after playing the Colts at home we then play them on the road.I think this one will be a hard fought close division game.If we can keep Luck contained we have a good shot at winning.

    At Denver---The last of three games on the road and we go back out west to play one of the best teams in the league.This one won't be easy especially facing Peyton Manning and the Broncos offense.

    Arizona---The Cardinals have new coaching and a new qb Carson Palmer who is the best they've had since Kurt Warner retired.I think the offense will be better and they already have a good defense.This one could be a very close hard fought game similar to the last one that was won in the final seconds.

    At Jacksonville---It will be interesting to see where we are in the standings at this point but even on the road playing the Jaguars i think we have a really good shot at winning.

    [​IMG] Houston---I think both of these teams could be fighting for the division as well as a playoff spot.I see this one being a very important game for this team.Being at home i think gives us an advantage and i think we take this one in a close hard fought game.

    I see us having a final record of 10-6 and getting a wild card playoff game.
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    We need to make sure we win the games we're supposed to. "Titans must eat cupcakes, not get eaten by them."

    Games we're supposed to win: San Diego, New York, Kansas City, Jacksonville x2, Oakland, Arizona. That gives us 7 wins.

    50/50 games: ****tsburgh, St Louis, Indy x2, Houston.

    Games we probably should lose: Houston, San Francisco, Seattle, Denver.

    So if we win the 7 we're supposed to, and split the 50/50 games, we'll end up with around 10 wins. Hopefully we can pull an upset somewhere to give us some more breathing room.
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    2 away games to start the season. Then 4 of the last 6 are away including 3 in a row. And 2 of those are out west.

    Pretty rough regardless of the teams.
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    Absolutely brutal start. That could easily be 0-3.

    Pittsburgh is a tough place to play, though I think we are a better team than them currently.

    Houston is better than us, but that game should be a lot more competitive.

    We are better than San Diego, but as we all know it's been over 20 years since we've beaten them.

    The way I see it is we better at least be 3-2 through our first five games or else I would say the season looks pretty much over since we'd still have to play the Niners, Seahawks, and Broncos.
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    I like that we have 2 late afternoon starts at home this year. It makes it so much better for tailgating and the crowd is always better lubricated for the late starts. I'm hoping that we can actually turn our stadium into a home field advantage this year.