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Discussion in 'Tennessee Titans and NFL Talk' started by rodgev, Sep 30, 2013.


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    I watched the Chiefs yesterday and its like watching the Titans, so I tend to believe our defense will be ready.

    Charles is running the way CJ used to, Alex Smith is the equivalent to Jake Locker, when the defense sees these guys its going to be like back at practice MON-FRI.

    Im expecting Greg Williams and Jerry Gray to put in work to keep our win streak going.
  2. Dman

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    fixed that one for ya!
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  3. CJtheBeast

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    I actually have some confidence in Fitzpatrick and Loggains to put together a game plan to give us a shot. Fitz can sling the ball so if our run game is stagnant we should have some success putting it in the air. The receivers looked great yesterday and I expect them to make up for the difference in QB.

    I have confidence in our D as well. They've put us in a position to win every game we've played. Even when we put ourselves in a hole. They're doing great on 3rd down and I think if they sell out on the run (Verner and McCourty's play may allow us to do that) then we'll contain Charles and force Smith to beat us. I like how we matchup if that's the case.

    I don't know how this game will go. Haven't seen enough of Fitz in live action and don't know how our running game will fare. Gonna be a good game to catch live. Never would've thought it looking at the schedule at the beginning of the season.
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    I am a Chiefs fan but have been living in middle Tennessee since 1987. I follow the Titans and root for them unless they play the Chiefs. Since I follow both teams I believe I have a unique perspective.

    There are similarities and I expect a tough battle. Some of the so called facts here regarding the Chiefs though are flat out wrong. Chiefs do not have a good defense...they have the #1 scoring defense in the NFL. A full touchdown better average per game than the Titans. The "Chiefs are 24th in rush defense" is misleading. They shut down Jones-Drew, Murray (3rd in rushing) and David Wilson. About 80% of the yards given up were to the #1 running team in the NFL. The Chiefs do not have an explosive running game on offense. Charles has been dialed back a lot in the running game. However, three weeks in a row Charles has dominated the 4th quarter and gotten a lot of rushing yards in crunch time which I think is big. Charles has been expanded in the pass game and has been very effective. Not sure why it is thought that Alex Smith can't do anything. He passed for nearly 300 yards and three TDs yesterday. Call me crazy but I think that's pretty good. "Yeah but what about the INT's? Neither of those were Smith's fault. Bowe ran a wrong route with one on one coverage and Charles bobbled a catch that got batted around and picked. So Alex Smith this year to date has not made a single turnover due to being pressured or "forced". He won't be throwing 60 yard bombs but he is effective and a much better runner than most fans realize.

    Truth is either team can win this depending on field position, turnovers, penalties and exploiting matchups. For some reason there are fans who need to trump up "reasons" why the opponent isn't good or as good. I welcome honest discussion.
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  5. UrbanLegend3

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    Thank you for your detailed and well balanced analysis. However, the Titans will be byfar the best defense your team has faced to date. Phillip Rivers is having a great season through the air and we nuetralized him. Our defense brings non stop pressure to cause the QB to make mistakes and is extremely opportunistic when we do. I wouldn't count on 300 yards and 3 TDs from Smith this week.
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    KC has played opponents that now have a combined 3-13 record (JAC, DAL, PHI, NYG).They are 24th in rush defense.They are 13th in rush offense and 22nd in pass offense.Despite all of that i do think this will be a hard fought close game.
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    Hopefully CJ breaks out and I'm hopeful we get Greene back. Fitz has to not make mistakes. I have a bad feeling out turnover streak ends with a Fitzy INT. We need to contain Charles and pressure Smith. We can win this game with Fitzy.
  8. Two Kings

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    Our D just needs to stop JC and put minimal amount of pressure on Smith. Add some 5 min + drives and I think we can win that way.
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    I can't wait for this game. My roommate is on the Chiefs bandwagon already, saying that they're going to handle us.

    I personally think it will be a great game between the two most improved teams in the NFL.

    I just hope Fitzpatrick can keep his shi# together against this defense.
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    This is the way I see it. Based on the Chiefs opponents theyre D is similiar to the Jets. Ranked higher then it is due to playing subpar teams. That being said it doesnt mean they arent good. They faced who was on theyre schedule and have won every game. Alex Smith is just agame manager, but im sure us saying we hope to force Smith to beat us is what they are saying about us and Fitz.. The Chiefs will be a good faught game. I like our def over theirs and our offenses are pretty even. I like us to win this due to our def and them playing so well. Verner has played like a top corner so far. Smith will have some drives against us and we will need to hold them to FGs during those moments. If we can maintain on not turning the ball over we should be ok. Ill say a23-16 win for us.
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