Offseason Problems for Britt Surface Again

Discussion in 'Tennessee Titans and NFL Talk' started by Ensconatus, Jan 13, 2013.

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    Titans receiver Kenny Britt has an explanation for the events in New Jersey over the weekend, but it’s not coming from Britt, or any of his closest advisors.

    Police in New Jersey want to talk to Britt about an incident that resulted in a close friend being stabbed early Sunday morning. Britt dropped off a man at Jersey City Medical Center then was uncooperative with officers when asked what had happened, police said. Later, Britt was at the scene or had just left the scene when a gunshot was fired at an apartment building, according to police.

    A spokesman who asked not to be identified released this statement on Sunday night regarding Britt’s alleged involvement in a weekend incident in New Jersey:

    “Kenny was leaving a dinner cooked by his friends’ parents – it was not a house party – when he found his friend, who had left earlier, injured outside. Kenny immediately brought his friend to the hospital and was there with the injured friend’s family for several hours, but was not otherwise involved in the incident. Kenny’s brother was not injured (and wasn’t even there) and Kenny has made himself available to cooperate with the authorities investigation of this matter.”

    Neither the Titans, Britt’s agent, Bill Johnson, or the head of Britt’s management team, Lou Taylor, have said they had any involvement in putting together the statement, however.

    And Jersey City Police Capt. Edgar Martinez said on Monday police still haven’t talked to Britt.

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    Source: Titans Insider
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    You are saying that with the assumption that Britt was intentionally hanging out with bad people. He might have been. I don't know. I can tell you that the assumption that anyone who might have witnessed a stabbing made bad decisions that led to it is kinda ridiculous. Less ridiculous considering Britt's bad decisions in his past, but still unfair at this point imo.
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    See. It was a dinner engagement. Kenny wanted to show off his new recipe for seared tuna and grilled asparagus. Upon finishing dinner, he happened across an old friend that needed help. An attribute to the community, that Kenny Britt.
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    Always going to high five a good Wire reference!

    Bodie Brodis knows it. Can't be witnessin ****

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    Wow, the police sure where in a hurry to talk to the media, hadn't even done a proper ID check on the victim (but they sure knew who Britt was). Wonder if they're Jets or Giants fans....

    I wonder, is it standard police procedure in the US to ask if a victim is related to anyone famous?
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    The police always spill the beans prematurely. Even during the Sandy Hook Elementary shooting in Connecticut CNN had reported the wrong name of the shooter twice.
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    I rememeber that. Some poor bugger posted on Facebook "CNN please stop telling people I am the Sandy Hook shooter."

    Bloody journos. And they wonder why the rest of us look on them with such scorn.
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    How many people does it take to manage this guy? He's not good enough or rich enough to need a team of advisers.

    Add Britt to the 78% of football players that go bankrupt.
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