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Discussion in 'Tennessee Titans and NFL Talk' started by HeadOnASwivel, Sep 11, 2009.

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    You will also notice in that clip that Britt kept running while Troy went up for the ball. I guess Britt thought Polamalu had your leaping ability and the ball would sail over him. Sure, Kerry threw it short, but Britt should have come back to the ball. This ain't college anymore.
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    that's why your opponents want him there forever. He plays ultra conservative in big games and usually wins in the stats category but not on the scoreboard. Regular season - nice record. Big games not so much.

    special teams of course was the main problem last night but his ultra conservitve coaching certanily contributed.

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    Hey, I know he wasn't going to much love from most other fans for calling out the coach, but it came down to some questionable calls. We had solid runners making good runs in the 2nd half, and we went away from that. Why??? So there is reason for some fans to say something about the coaching. Keep in mind; Cecil's first game, no Washington or Cook, and we still did pretty good. Pretty good doesn't work against the World Champs at home, and when were turning the ball over and missing kicks.

    Also the field position SUCKED. We can score if we don't have to drive down field 80+ yards.

    And how many times are we going to let Crumpler screw up late in the game. Cook needs to get healthy fast.
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    Jeff Fisher didn't leave all those points on the field. Rob Bironas did.
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    This loss is on the coaching staff no matter how you cut it. Didn't we hear Fisher say the return games would be fine? Well they weren't and although Finny could be a darn good punt returner you don't stick a guy out there who hasn't hardly done it his whole NFL career in a dog fight game. People can say so what to the kicks that rolled past but in this game field position was at a premium.

    CJ was under utilized. Hardly any passes to him and our brilliant offensive scheme requires our 4.24 40 guy to stay in and block while we have hippo Crumpler (who sucked blocking and catching last night) out for a pass. Of course the staff never heard of hot routes on blitzes either and despite having brilliantly executed screen passes against our defense on tape to emulate we can't run a flipping screen if our life depended on it.

    Our WRs were beating the hell out of their secondary. Gage was almost impossible for them to cover. Britt was dynamite. Still our coaches are insistent we make 60% of our passes to the Te or FB. Does that make any sense? Not only is teh defense stacked to stop the run all they have to do is take one or two steps over to the dink and dunk TE trying to catch a 5 yard pass when we need 8 for a first down.

    Thank God we drafted Cook. Since they arein love with the TE so much maybe Cook can turn one of those 5 yard thrillers into a long gain.

    IMO the Steelers were better coached, better prepared and although we should have won the game by two TDs (not that Fisher like TDs, prefers FGs) ultimately they prevailed. I feel about the same as I did after the Ravens game but at least we have ther rest of the season ahead of us BUT.... we still have the same bonehead coaching staff....
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    Do you not realise the contradiction in this? Fisher is criticised for being to conservative and running the ball. We didn't run the ball and he's still being criticised for it.
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    I noticed Hall was barely used in the game.. I'm not too in love with the FB position anyway.
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    Fisher is one of the MOST respected coaches in the entire NFL. The guy has proven it year in and year out for more than a decade. I roll with Fisher and have total confidence in what he is doing. Enough said.
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    We don't need to get rid of Fisher. He is considered one of the top coaches in the NFL for a reason. But there really is no excuse for what happened last night. I feel bad for the players, who kept it close despite being severely outcoached (and beaten on special teams), especially in the 2nd half.

    We have done a great job drafting the past few years. And managing the roster, for that matter. 3 pro bowlers in the secondary? The most explosive, exciting player in the NFL at RB? A top 5 offensive line? The FO has done a great job there. So we have the talent.

    The thing is, we're not using that talent to its fullest. CJ blocking most of the 2nd half? C'mon. We play way too conservative and predictable. And a lot of our players aren't conservative players by nature. CJ is the most explosive player in the NFL, without a doubt. He needs to be allowed to show that.

    The thing is, there's smart football and there's ultra conservative football. We are on the ultra conservative side. I'm not saying to have our guys run wild and just do whatever, but let them play to their potential. Don't hinder them with coaching decisions.
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