Not very impressed with this scrub coaching staff

Discussion in 'Tennessee Titans and NFL Talk' started by World Peace, Feb 23, 2011.

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    i think its safe to say titanserick only made his name so he could criticize every single thing the titans did and isnt a true fan...
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    Bruce is not a scrub. Obviously.

    It's not that the coaches are necessarily scrubs either, it's just that it seems that way. Nothing is really too flashy about most of the hires. If you think about it though, there aren't a whole lot of big name assistants out there in the first place, and star power isn't always the answer anyway. I, for one, would've been kind of pissed if we hired Tice, but would have loved if we took a look at Zorn.

    Basically, I understand the concern of the OP, but I wouldn't take it as extreme. Nothing really gives me the impression that we've improved, or gotten worse. I was all for change, as most people were, but to give up hope already would be useless. Maybe I'm not an optimist, but I personally will keep my expectations limited until I have a reason to do otherwise.
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    I haven't really been happy with the coaching moves after Jerry Gray. I don't mind the Chet hiring as much, Valero will be helpful for Matthews, Rocker built up Fairley, and Bush will work well with our LBs. But, Chris Palmer? Which lead directly to Ragone? We shouldn't have kept Marcus Robertson. McGinnis I can understand, but we should have hired Ray Sherman.
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    John McClain stated on the radio today that there had been several former QB's that have become successful WR coaches. He did mention some names but I have since forgotten. It provides the WR's with another aspect of their game from the QB's point of view. Munch stated that he liked what Ragone brought to the squad and that he will fit nicely in the WR's room. I am willing to let a 20+ year veteran coach determine what is best for this team as far as his position coaches should be.
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    I have a buddy who is a diehard skins fan, and when I asked him what he thought about Zorn as an OC, he laughed in my face. I think the only offense less exciting than ours the last few years was Washington's.

    I really don't understand why everybody was upset about hiring a former QB to coach wide receivers. It makes lots of sense to me. Quarterbacks throw the ball to the wide receivers. So I would think a former QB would know quite a bit about routes, working zone coverages, and just general passing theory. QB is supposed to be the guy that knows everything that goes in an offense. Seems like one could coach wide receivers, in my opinion.
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    ill reserve my right to do that when they go on 6 game losing streaks every season
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    I'm going to name this coaching staff Creeping Scrubs
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    so when we are the turn around team and are sitting at 6-4 at worst in the first 10 games your still gonna be criticizing the coaching staff?

    how many coaches or assistants on other teams do you know?

    are being stubborn and assuming they are going to be terrible because they dont have enough experience in the nfl when in the past there are many coaches that have made good nfl coaches when coming onto the nfl without nfl experience....

    sorry us true fans appreciate the moves we've made to get rid or your father probably in fish face and this whole off season has improved his staff...:brow:

    isnt erick the guy that was saying firing fisher was the worst thing we could do??:rolleyes:

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    The day Jim Washburn was hired, he was a scrub. Now he's regarded as one of the best position coaches there is.
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    I think everybody's jumping the gun on this one.

    Personally, I feel comfortable with the hires. Mostly because I trust Munch's discretion. I feel that the people who support a lot of the hires are comfortable because they trust Munch. Nothing wrong with that.

    But I feel its a little too soon to start bashing Erick for simply stating his opinion. For all we know he could be right. We'll never know until the season starts.

    If Munch does fail though (the coaches are an extension of him) it will be mostly do to coaching IMO because we have the talent to compete.