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    Just wait until we get the run game going with CJ... Locker will have more opprtunities. He did what he was asked today... Play smart.

    He converted several key 3rd downs and he did not turn the ball over, so he gets a C grade for his performance at the least. The only throws that really pissed me off: 3rd down to Wright - threw the ball behind him; 3rd down to Williams - way underthrew him along the sideline.

    We knew there would be growing pains when he was drafted... I didn't endorse the pick, but I'm certainly not gonna give up on the guy yet. His stats through his first 12 starts aren't impressive at all, but he is better in basically every statistical category than Peyton was in his first 12 starts. Let me make this clear before someone flips their sh*t... I am in no way comparing Locker to Peyton. I know he'll never be anywhere near what Peyton is, I know more than likely he won't be our franchise QB, and I know that if we do move forward with Jake, he will likely be no better than mediocre to average. But he's started 12 games. It may seem like more since last season was so brutal, but he's barely played in the NFL. Don't forget it took Steve quite some time before he became a good QB.

    The Steelers had the #1 defense last year. The fact that Locker was able to finish the game without turning the ball over against a Dick LeBeau defense is impressive enough in my eyes. I will take 125 yards and no turnovers over Eli's 450 yards and 3 INTs tonight all day. Just my opinion though. I know some people need to see massive yards and TDs from Locker to be inpressed.

    As for the rest of the team (other than the moron that is Reynaud) I have no complaints. I don't think our defense missed a single tackle, which has to be some sort of a minor miracle. I was very worried about our defense when they converted like three or four 3rd an longs in a row. But as soon as we recovered that fumble in the endzone, things changed and we looked like a legit defense.

    DeCastro, WTF was that???

    Lastly, I am sincerely sick and tired of the refs allowing Troy Polamalu to jump over the line of scrimmage like a mad man... He was lined up in the neutral zone in 2010 and this game as well. They just let the guy get away with it because it's cool.
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    HF just for the Troy Paohamahahmahalao thing.

    It's due to his status. Pretty ridiculous. He just came across wildly this time and hit Jake with the helmet... should have been 2 penalties.

    But he's Troy Pahamalikilikimaka, so it's ok. He's good, you know?
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    YOU are a PUNK troll. GO away.
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  4. Big TT

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    If I were playing I would "accidentally" grad that long hippie **** any time I got near him. LOL
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    Yes. Agree with all above and just want to add a couple of more points.

    Let's not forget Dick Lebeaux, the constant force in the Steelers D and probably one of the best DC's ever. The offense WAS ugly at times. That is why we had to run the ball to win.

    Look- Locker is what he is. He isn't going to magically become more accurate like many posters want him to be and criticize him for not being. He ran for a couple of 1st downs, slid early to avoid contact. Locker made some ugly throws but he also made ENOUGH throws to keep some drives moving. AND HE DIDN'T THROW AN INT! I can't emphasize enough what a big step that was.

    And Dowell Loggains did a good enough job with the play selection to get 16 points and that was enough to win thanks to the D. He didn't take unnecessary risks. I'm confident he could have if it was necessary. 11 of 12 plays running the ball? Yup and it ended in a score.

    It wasn't pretty, but it never is when you play the Steelers. That is their MO against all teams.

    Playing Dick LeBeaux's 3-4 D is an excellent warm-up for Wade Phillips D. Texans have a lil better personnel IMO, but not as good a DC. Interested to see what we look like next week.
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    I posted above before I read yours. High-fived you 'cause we had many of the same points.
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    The defense was very impressive, although we were playing the Steelers. Hailey (their OC) is an idiot, plus they have no runningback and their offensive line is average, at best. PIT also just lost their #1 WR and are adjusting to not having Mike Wallace. That offense will end up a very pedestrian middle of the rankings. However, we were still able to get pressure on Big Ben and our defense was physical.

    Offensively, Jackie Battle is a man. We never should of gave Shonn Greene that money, could of just got Battle for a penny and been set. Chris was getting frustrated, kept getting bottled up - although we were playing one of the best defenses in the league. Picked up 70 yards & his longest carry was just 11 yards, and he fought for every yard he gained Sunday. That's credit to the Steelers defense, which is always good thanks to Dick. He'll be much better week 2. However, that brings me to my next point...

    Jake Locker must get better. If he doesn't, Ds will start stacking the box again. Stat-Line: 11/20, 125 yards, 0 TDs, 0 INTs, 74 QB Rating. It's not horrible by any means, but he could be much better. There were multiple throws that he had an open target, to which he missed. I can remember three - Damian Williams on the 3rd & Long, Kendall Wright on the 3rd down, and then Kenny Britt on a deep route (I think on 2nd?). If he would of made those three, he likely would on been: 14/20, 185 yards, 1 TD, 0 INT - which would of completely changed the game. PIT does have an amazing defense, #1 Pass D last year, but he was missing open targets and that can't happen.

    Game ball: Jurrell Casey
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    in regards to locker, he didn't make any mistakes but I felt he still looked uncomfortable at times. His throws were a bit off but I think this season he finally gets comfortable and will start completing those passes. Ill take 70 yards on the ground any day vs the steelers defense. Battle played well yesterday but I give props to the Oline for doing their job. Good Start to the season minus the safety, ha!
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    A win in Pittsburgh on opening day is a huge win. Was it pretty??? no, but it was a win.

    This Steelers team performed like I thought it would. The defense is still top notch, but the offense is poor. The OL is not top notch even with Pouncy, but to lose him then it becomes putrid. They have no RB that puts fear in you. They have no TE and their WRs are just average.

    So I think our defense looked better than it is because of the lack of fire power in the Steelers offense and I think our offense looked good considering the quality of defense we were playing.

    Locker showed his inaccuracy and still looked uneasy in the pocket, but he guided us to a win. Although he didn't have any turnovers we were very very lucky that neither of the balls that got tipped high in the air were intercepted.

    Gotta love the way the OL blocked for the run game. What a relief it is to actually have 2nd and 5 rather than 2nd and 10. It also is nice to actually feel like you can get the short yardage conversion. As the run game goes so goes the Titans this year.

    I think the defensive gameplan was very solid. We gave Verner help over the top and left McCourty to fend for himself. Which he did very well. Now against Andre Johnson I think you have to give help to whichever corner is on him and leave the other CB 1 on 1. So Verner better be ready to hang with the Texans #2 WR.

    I am pumped about beating the Steelers and although it wasn't a perfect game it was a BIG W on the road.
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    It's also the first game of the year. Need to see where we are after the Houston game.