No one got fired?

Discussion in 'Tennessee Titans and NFL Talk' started by razordaman, Oct 9, 2017.

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    That's a mallard duck yo
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    Cowherd discussing Mularkey. I wish more of the media out there would challenge the coaching of this team. At least make him sweat a bit forcing some improvement. The more this video gets around, the better IMO.

    PK for some reason is defending Mularkey w/ everything he has.... There really is not any other media outlet that challenges The Titans' to be better. We have a hack writer in Jason Wolf, Wyatt (Who has been bought by the team Along w/ Glennon), PK who is backing the HC, and Terry McCormick who is too small-time to matter; but never calls out coaching....

    I know this isn't much, but at least one media outlet is putting a spotlight on the coaching in TN!!
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    It starts out w/ a line on the screen about baseball; but goes right into Mularkey. Not very long, but at least SOMETHING is out there.
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    Valid points. However, I always find it hard to take anything from him seriously.
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    Yea, he is not a very good source of input. I would like to hear serious opinions from other real media outlets.

    Anyway it goes; if others pick up part of the story maybe we can see some pressure & improvement.

    I am not all out saying fire the guy; but the team needs to be much better really soon. We have not been a good team this year. With as much as we have invested in the offense; I certainly expected better. Hopefully it improves starting Monday.

    I've said it a lot: I hope Mularkey gets it together & leads us to the playoffs. I just don't have much faith he will. I will be very happy to be wrong.
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