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    for a lot of CBs something just happens to em when they turn 30...

    some never get back to their ways, others adapt their style a bit, kinda like finding a new way to be good.

    thing is though, there's a LOT of up-temo offense out there it'll be interesting to see if these older guys will be able to keep up in a couple years or so....

    as for all this ATV talk, we better keep him. i think that kid is a great cover CB and a great tackler too. I'd be happy giving him anywhere from 3-6M a year (dont forget guys, in todays nfl 6M isn't that much, rookies get paid less, guys like ATV deserve the money). I know if he's part of an aggressive scheme, he'll STICK it to pass catchers...

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    $3M-$6M sure is a big gap
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    and on the blankets, pillow cases, bedroom floor, in the hallway on the way to the bathroom, on the shower mat beside the toilet and then once again on the toilet seat.
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    It is a huge gap but I was just saying I'd be down for a deal in that range, maybe even more. Check it:
    • 3-6 years @ 3M = 12-18M Total (what a steal)
    • 3-6 years @ 5M = 20-30M Total (thats nothing in todays NFL for that time frame, HECK WE GAVE AMANO A CONTRACT SIMILAR TO THIS ONE)
    • 3-6 years @ 6M = 24-36M Total (If I was to put a value on ATV, it'd be closer to this number actually, again with the new agreement and all)
    Really, I'd actually have no problem giving ATV 6M a year, he has shown many times that he is about as consistent as it gets, and is more than solid, and IMO hasn't even reached his ceiling yet. I would also rank him higher then Wimbley as of right now, and KW received a similar contract I think (about 6M a year right?)

    Elite CBs will collect close to 10M now per year, if not more. Great/Solid/Consistent CBs now hover around the 4-8M range easy, depending on how good/consistent he is.

    PAY THE MAN!!!! I know ATV isn't greedy, IDN how, but I just know lol. You go to him right now with an extension , lets say 4 years @ 5M, he will take it!!!

    The dude had only one bad game last year and it was the season's end. Don't let that fool you, he was our MOST consistent player over the entire season (followed by Morgan and Zach Brown).

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    I hope he hasn't reached his ceiling yet, otherwise he's not worth $4M/yr (which is what I'd offer him)
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    I don't get it. First, Gray sucks because no man coverage, but we want to re-sign Verner? Don't get me wrong, Verner is an excellent corner, but he is a career zone corner.
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    Bro, what are you talking about? Even if he didn't improve at all, he is currently worth 4M a year, easy! Are we watching the same games man? ATV played better than JMAC last year and on a more consistent basis.

    I was very critical of our CBs (meaning that I made it a point to watch them when I re-watched games). Let me tell you, our safeties were disgusting last year and when playing sooo deep like that, its easy to find windows over the top. Then on option routes, opponent receivers would just curl inside/outside and be open when the ball is coming in.

    ATV just really needs to work on two things, catching (if he stops dropping so many ints, he will be a star) and strait line speed (thats the only thing holding him from being elite IMO.) He is extremely quick as well and a sound tackler. Very hard for players to get faster, its one of those 'God-given' things, but doesn't mean he can't work on it.

    Players do as the scheme and coaches tell them. Gray said, lay off and play deep, and he did just that, as did JMAC. BUT TO PLAY MAN YOU CAN'T HAVE SAFTIES PLAYING IN THE DAMN ENDZONE, or you will get burned on double moves ALL NIGHT LONG.

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    For anyone thinking ATV is worth all kinds of money, let me throw out some salaries and you be the judge.

    Patrick Peterson is set to earn a little over $5M in 2013
    Asante Samuel (a name everyone here knows from last offseason) is set to also make ~$5M
    Jabari Greer $5M
    Aaron Ross $4M

    the thing with those guys I mention is they can play against No.1 WR's, and right now we're all talking about drafting a corner so Verner can slide to NB.

    So what kind of sense does it make to talk about paying Verner anything north of what I said of $4m/yr?

    Yes I know he has good instincts, can tackle, is very likable, and can count without taking off his shoes, but that's not worth $5M or more. I just showed you what $5M gets you. You could have a legit No.1 CB for $5M, Verner is no No.1 CB on any team.

    I think the pay scale for CB's is so crazy that you look at a guy like Revis making $9M/yr and figure well Verner is no Revis, but he's the same height, so same thing. No! You have to watch other CB's than ours to know what someone is worth.
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    Verner is our best corner we have. Hands down. Thats why for the most part teams throw to mccourtys side. IMO he is more valuable then McCourty is to us by a long shot!

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    And that is why you are known as the new jesse
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