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    There's a lot of speculation whether Nick Saban will give the NFL another shot after this season and possibly his 3rd MNC. I really believe we should go after him.

    Nick Saban is the perfect man for the job. He's got the resume and fire we all want to see so desperately. I see a lot of comparisons between him and Bill Belicheck to be honset, he's even from his coaching tree...You can laugh at that if you want, but first let me explain my reasoning for wanting Saban.

    Saban had a past run at the NFL and it was very controversial but IMO very successful. His career record is 15-17, very similar to Munchak's first two seasons (9-7, 6-10). But in 2005 Saban took over a terrible team that was 4-12, and won 9 games with them, including a 6 game winning streak. And this is with a very weak offensive line and Gus Ferrotte under center. He was also able to field a pretty successful defense (19.8 ppg) in just one offseason. That kind of production would rank in the top 7 this season. In 2006 his defense was even better, at 17.6 PPG, which ranked 5th in the league. His 2006 defense also ranked 11th in sacks, 2nd in pass def, and 9th in interceptions. I think it's pretty safe to say he coached a top 5 defense. When is the last time a Titan defense was top 5 in anything? Probably the last time we made the playoffs. I know his stellar 2006 defense didn't necessarily translate to wins, but there's a lot of different reasons for that which I don't think are his fault. His QB was a washed up Daunte Culpepper and a no name Cleo Lemon. In 2006, he won 6 games, 4 of those were against .500 or better teams, 3 of them were playoff teams including shutting out 12-4 New England and Brady 21-0, crushing the 13-3 Juggernaut Chicago Bears, and held in check a pretty good offense in Kansas City.

    2005, same story. Beat some real good teams (13-3 Denver, 10-6 New England, 11-5 Carolina, 9-7 San Diego), but lacked the talent to really put his team over the hump. I can't remember the Titans beating that many good teams in two seasons, even in our 13-3 year. And he did it all with Gus Ferrotte and Cleo Lemon!! I think that's a clear representation of a good coach, this guy knows what he's doing, he's proven he can beat the good teams, he's proven he can win games, and win the big games (on his way to his 3rd National Championship).

    Next thing that needs to be brought up which I think is a very underrated quality in Head Coaches, is who they hire. The great head coaches are constantly hiring guys that soon become the next great head coach. We've all seen Munchak hire a line of idiots who won't get another chance after this stop. That's because Munchak isn't a good coach in any aspect of the job. Saban was able to hire a stud staff and you can attribute that to whatever you want but the facts remain.

    Saban's staff in Miami is pretty mouth watering when you consider the scrubs we have. The Defensive Coordinator was Will Muschamp, this was before Muschamp had blown up, he was a package deal with Saban from LSU. Munchak brought Jerry Gray, Saban brought Muschamp, clear difference in ability to hire quality coaches. Muschamp would go on to turn the Dolphins into a sack machine, then dominate the Big 12 with Texas, and now he's the HC at National Championship contender Florida.

    Next the OC was Scott Linehan. Not as impressive as Muschamp, but still, very adequate OC. Linehan never made it as a head coach, but he's never struggled to score points in the NFL. Posting gaudy numbers with Detroit and a quality run with Miami considering his personnel. I'd take Linehan in a heartbeat over Doggains/Moore/Palmer.

    Next, coaching the Quarterbacks was Jason Garrett..Garrett hadn't even coached before this job. Saban hired him and he had the likes of Ferrotte, Lemon, and Culpepper looking like serviceable quarterbacks. Garrett has gone on to become the HC and post a winning record with the Dallas Cowboys.

    Lastly, Derek Dooley coached Tight Ends for Saban in 05-06. Yeah, he didn't pan out as the Head coach of the Volunteers, but it shows something that he made it that high up the ladder. Saban hand picked these type of guys..Guys with excellent coaching ability, something this 2012 Titans staff severely lacks. Dooley's product, Randy McMichael, pretty much a nobody before 2005. Caught 122 passes in the next 2 seasons under Saban/Dooley. He hasn't caught that many in his entire career minus those 2 seasons. Just a token to Dooley's ability to coach tight ends, and Saban's ability to hire quality coaches. You think Randy McMichael has more talent than Jared Cook? Cook has never caught 60 passes in a season, never caught 50.

    There were rumors after Fisher got fired that Saban was in Nashville talking to Bud Adams' grandson. I really think we should open up the bank for Saban. I've been preaching this all along, you've got to revamp this team with football minds. Guys that know how to win. Munchak was the worst possible hire, and everyone he hired after that point reflects it. He's embarrassed this franchise with all these 55-20, 55-7, losses, especially the ones at home.

    Saban has dominated the highest level of College Football numerous times, he's ALWAYS put out a product that fans can cheer for and ALWAYS put out a dominant defense and his coaching tree is superb.

    I think the majority of us think the direction of this team needs to be the 3-4 defense. Saban has mastered it and could probably turn even the likes of Michael Griffin into a stud again. I don't see any candidate more perfect for this job. He's from West Virginia, he's always coached in the South. But not only that, he could get us back to our physical tradition that we won so many games with. Saban would fix the Offensive line issues for good, he'd beef up both fronts and get this defense back in the top 10. CJ would thrive in his offense much like Ronnie Brown, Trent Richardson, Lacey, Upchurch, etc all have. Players WANT to play for this guy, we'd be a coveted free agent destination unlike now where players laugh at the possibility of playing for Munchak.

    It's time to stop being the joke of the NFL and make a major franchise changing move. Hire Nick Saban.

    SABAN 2013
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    No. Just no.
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    I wouldn't be entirely upset with Saban simply because he won't get Titan\Oiler guys. But I just can't help to think he might quit again.
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    I'm down.

    Sign him up.

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    Stupid thread is stupid.
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    I have a hard time deciding on who I would want, I think its just the same effect of driving some crappy car and walking onto a new lot.
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    It's like going from a 89 camry to a 02 Kia. Nobody wins
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