NFL draft and rankings out of high school

Discussion in 'NFL Draft' started by ONUV, May 3, 2007.

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  1. ONUV

    ONUV Starter

    this is from

    1. JaMarcus Russell QB (4 stars) LSU
    2. Calvin Johnson WR (4 stars) Georgia Tech
    3. Joe Thomas OT (4 stars) Wisconsin
    4. Gaines Adams DE (3 stars) Clemson *Recruited as a TE
    5. Levi Brown OT (4 stars) Penn State *Recruited as DT
    6. LaRon Landry S (4 stars) LSU *Recruited as Athlete
    7. Adrian Peterson RB (5 stars) Oklahoma
    8. Jamaal Anderson DE (2 stars) Arkansas *Recruited as a WR
    9. Ted Ginn WR (5 stars) Ohio State *Recruited as a CB
    10. Amobi Okoye DT (2 stars) Lousiville *Recruited as OL
    11. Patrick Willis LB (3 Stars) Ole Miss
    12. Marshawn Lynch RB (4 stars) California
    13. Adam Carriker DE (3 stars) Nebraska
    14. Darrelle Revis CB (3 stars) Pittsburgh
    15. Lawrence Timmons LB (4 stars) Florida State
    16. Justin Harrell DT (4 stars) Tennessee
    17. Jarvis Moss DE (5 stars) Florida
    18. Leon Hall CB (4 stars) Michigan
    19. Michael Griffen S (4 stars) Texas
    20. Aaron Ross CB (4 stars) Texas
    21. Reggie Nelson S (4 stars) Florida
    22. Brady Quinn QB (4 stars) Notre Dame
    23. Dwayne Bowe WR (4 stars) LSU
    24. Brandon Meriweather S (3 stars) Miami
    25. Jon Beason LB (4 stars) Miami
    26. Anthony Spencer DE/LB (3 stars) Purdue
    27. Robert Meachem WR (5 stars) Tennessee
    28. Joe Staley OT (2 stars) Central Michigan *Recruited as a TE
    29. Ben Grubbs OG (3 stars) Auburn *Recruited as a DE
    30. Craig Davis WR (4 stars) LSU
    31. Greg Olsen TE (5 stars) Miami
    32. Anthony Gonzalez WR (4 stars) Ohio State *Recruited as DB
  2. PAtitansfan53

    PAtitansfan53 Kush & OJ

    It's funny to see what they were recruited as position wise and see where they ended up.........the majority changed form recruited to draft. You see a lot more 4 stars then 5 my guess is that is because there are so few 5 star recruits or the 5 star prospects get big headed and try to cruise through thinking they will automatically get drafted.

    Jamaal Anderson from WR-DE and only 2 stars. Suprising........I'm still mad he didn't free fall to 19.
  3. yea i saw something like this on rivals... its prett neat that they do this, i think that this shows something about the level of competition that some of the 5 stars were playing with or like PA said they got big headed and just tried to coast through
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