New DVDs chronicle Mannings in college

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    Posted by's Paul Kuharsky [​IMG]If you're a Peyton Manning aficionado or know someone who is, you might be interested in a DVD that's out today. (Forgive the plug of an ESPN product, but I don't care where it comes from if I think you may be interested in it. Remember NBC's cookbook?)
    "Manning vs. Manning" is a two-DVD set that chronicles the college careers of Peyton Manning at Tennessee and Eli Manning at Ole Miss.
    It's in stores today and should cost $19.95.
    From the news release:
    Manning vs. Manning is a unique offering of rare footage of Peyton and Eli's biggest college games. From classic SEC battles with their biggest rivals like Peyton's legendary 1997 SEC Championship game against Auburn to Eli's outrageous 2002 Independence Bowl game against Nebraska that defined his career - this two-disc DVD gives football fans a little bit of everything...
    Special features for the two-disc DVD include Peyton's 'Scholastic Sports America' feature which offers a rare glimpse at him as the nation's #1 high school quarterback; his 1997 press conference announcing that he would stay in college for his senior year; and an extended one-on-one interview about his decision to say in college for his senior year. Also found in the special features are Eli's College Game day interview with John Barr during his senior year of college; a 2002 interview with Archie, Peyton & Eli during his junior year at Ole Miss and '2008 Father's Day with the Mannings' for which the Mannings were interviewed by Hannah Storm.


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    bot gets bad rep on this for sure....
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    I would rather get kicked in the arse repeatedly instead of watching that crap
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    I wonder if there's anything in there about tea-bagging?
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    I think we should re-name this DVD. :yes:
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