Nevada sports book makes Eagles biggest favorites of Week One

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    About an hour after the regular season schedule was released Wednesday night, the LVH Las Vegas Hotel and Casino had already installed favorites and underdogs for the opening week games.

    Jacksonville is the biggest Week One underdog on the LVH SuperBook board. The Eagles are 11-point favorites over the visiting Jaguars in the season opener for both clubs.

    No other club is favored by more than a touchdown, and only the Broncos and Bears are favored by more than six points. Denver is a seven-point favorite vs. Indianapolis, while Chicago is a 6.5-point favorite vs. Buffalo.

    All but three home teams are favored in Week One. The only home underdogs are the Cowboys (vs. the 49ers), the Buccaneers (vs. the Panthers) and the Dolphins (vs. the Patriots).

    Finally, the Seahawks are five-point favorites vs. Green Bay in the opening game of the regular season.

    Here are the LVH’s Week One lines:

    Thursday, September 4

    Green Bay at Seattle (-5)

    Sunday, September 7

    New Orleans at Atlanta (-2)

    Cincinnati at Baltimore (-2.5)

    Buffalo at Chicago (-6.5)

    Washington at Houston (-2.5)

    Tennessee at Kansas City (-5.5)

    New England (-3.5) at Miami

    Oakland at N.Y. Jets (-4.5)

    Jacksonville at Philadelphia (-11)

    Cleveland at Pittsburgh (-5)

    Minnesota at St. Louis (-5)

    San Francisco (-3.5) at Dallas

    Carolina (-2.5) at Tampa Bay

    Indianapolis at Denver (-7)

    Monday, September 8

    N.Y. Giants at Detroit (-4)

    San Diego at Arizona (-3.5)

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