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    we need some.
    season just finished up and there are an unusual ammount of openings.

    So you think you are smarter than Rueston Webster - well prove it.

    seriously FOF2k7 is a profootball simulation where you play GM. IFL has been around a while, like well over a decade so the league aint going anywhere. There is a new version of the game going to be out at the end of the year. Everyone will be upgrading to that so there will be new excietement going forward.

    Excellent oppertunities for anyone looking for a strategic football challenge against other humans. If you win the IFL championship your fake team gets highlighted in the leauge splash page - and that is all you get. No money or nothing just some bragging rights amongst 31 almost complete strangers

    great fun for everyone*

    *fun not guranteed
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  2. The Hammer

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    That movie was so classic!
  3. Titans Eternal

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    Can I use yahoo to set my lineup?
  4. GoT

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    no its not like that

    its a profootball text based simulation. You make changes inside the game then upload those changes too the 'commissioner' who actually runs the games/stages

    then you download the changes into your stand alone game

    draft is comming up soon - plenty of good parking still available (yes you actually decide when too upgrade the parking lot - if those stupid voters approve that is)
  5. GoT

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    draft starts friday

    handful of teams with tons of good parking still available
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