Need to lose as many games as possible from here on out

Discussion in 'Tennessee Titans and NFL Talk' started by Maker_84, Nov 14, 2013.

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    Honey Badger fell due to character issues.
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    You know you have a bad team when your team looses to bad teams. NO excuses. This team is not worthy of being in the play offs and do we really think we can be anything but 1 and done? This team broke my spirit Thursday night; but it's still my team. I really don't think it will be a problem for this team to continue it's six game skid.
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    He was never going to be a really high pick though.

    Man I wanted the Honey Badger sooooooo bad

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    I do not understand why people have a big deal with fans wanting their team to lose out when we all clearly want Munchak gone, a completely new coaching staff, and the best draft pick possible.

    I am all aboard the tanking train at this point. I hope we lose out, and I don't care if that makes me a "fake fan" in the eyes of some. In my eyes that makes me an even more dedicated fan to be able to tolerate the suffering for a greater purpose.

    Any time someone used the word 'playoffs' or mentions the possibility of making it in as a 6th seed, I'm going to post the Jim Mora video.

    We have NO chance at the playoffs. Stop getting your hopes up. If we had beaten the Jags and Colts like we should have it would be a completely different story. But we blew it. Season is over. Just lose, baby!
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    Thats one of the problems we seem to get stuck in that middle range of the standings more often than not.sO if i had to guess honestly about where we pick this season i'd be willing to bet the 15th pick is where we will be.Also didn't we lose a third round pick moving up to grab Hunter? We need to be playing the hell out of Justin Hunter because next season Hunter and Wright wil be our main receivers.We actually got a talented crew at WR if we could ever get a damn solid QB in here to throw the ball.Also i'd get rid of C.J. and get a really good hardnosed physical guy who can pound the rock and get solid yardage.C.J. is one of the main reasons our offense stalls when we play good defenses.
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    weather we want them to or not this team is going to lose games because this football team seems undisciplined and unmotivated. The only difference is the air is out of the balloon and fans don't give a dam anymore. Honestly I do not want a middle first round pick I want the best available. You cant develop an offense if your qb is always hurt, sorry but locker MUST go, not in 2 years, he needs to go this offseason. The only way he stays is if he becomes the backup and that is all he will ever be in this league. I will never root for this team to lose but if you want to win long term and for a LONG time then losing right now might not seem so bad since we will be losing games anyway
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    I'm rooting for the team when I say I hope we lose out. It's how the Colts got Luck. It's part of the game of drafting, just nobody admits it because it reeks of "game fixing" and shakes up the credibility of the league. It's the white elephant in the room nobody admits they see.

    The Titans seem to be the only team in our division who just doesn't get it. Nearly every team in our division except the Colts are going after a QB this next draft. The Jags will get Bridgewater, the Texans the 2nd best QB. We'll be stuck with pick 10-14 because the Jags and the Texans won't show up for our next games with them. We going to finish 6-10, or worse 7-9 which will be just enough for the franchise "spin masters" to say "Munchak needs more time- see we improved from last year" and/or "if only Locker hadn't got hurt, we started so great….." etc.

    I admit I really thought we'd see better. I've never been a big Locker fan, but even I was surprised how soft/brittle he is. THAT ISN'T GOING TO CHANGE. The dude was a miss with our pick. Munchak knows it, but he can't admit it because he hitched his wagon to him. These players have talent but they haven't bought in to Munchak and co. The coaching assistants suck. Munchak has made horrible executive decisions regarding his staff and players. Gray, Matthews, Tracy Rocker, Loggains never should have fired/promoted off of the body of the work and sure as F*ck shouldn't have been retained.

    MUNCHAK VALUES LOYALTY OVER ACCOUNTABILITY. He hires familiar people and he holds on to them too long. He gives too many opportunities to poorly performing players. The players have adopted Munchak's personality and that is why this franchise lacks passion and an identity.

    So yeah, tanking the season and getting rid of Munchak and co is a GOOD thing for the franchise. But only if new ownership understands the long standing precedent of hiring Oiler cronies only will perpetuate the long standing absence of a dominant winning culture. Oilers = No Lombardi trophies. Bringing in the past to lead the future is one of the most stupid precepts ESPECIALLY WHEN THE PAST HAS NOT FIELDED ANY SUPER BOWL WINNERS.

    The real questions are directed at the new ownership. I predict we are going to see a massive efflux of PSL's after this year. It will be less if we make the playoffs but there are a lot of folks like me who have been supporting the Titans since their arrival whose interest has waned. Partly because I'm 13 years older and have other competing interests for my time and money and partly because I'm sick of seeing ownership satisfied with the state of the franchise. I am loyal but not stupid. I'm through throwing good money after bad. So back to the point- the direction of this franchise after this year will be guided by ownerships response to a few key questions:Are you interested in short term or long term profitability? If short term, we'll see Munchak retained. This is an error IMO because the fan base is exhausted with the status quo. Long term- we'll see a house cleaning. They need a fresh perspective, hiring somebody who has a history with Super bowl credentials.

    This rant is long enough and its time for me to go split wood at my farm. Later.
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    We need a franchise QB and a new coaching staff. We need to lose out, trade, whatever it takes to get a QB who can win.
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  9. Big TT

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    Current draft status

    November 12, 2013
    1/2 Indicates coin flip for picks
    P Indicates final seletion position TBD by playoff results
    Opp W-L %
    1 Jacksonville
    2 Tampa Bay
    3 Atlanta
    4 Minnesota
    5 Houston
    6 Buffalo

    7 Pittsburgh

    8 St. Louis (from Washington)
    9 Oakland
    10 NY Giants
    11 St. Louis

    12 Cleveland
    13 Miami
    14 Baltimore
    15 Tennessee

    16 San Diego

    17 Philadelphia
    18 Green Bay

    19 Chicago
    20 Arizona
    21P Dallas
    22P NY Jets
    23P Cincinnati
    24P Detroit

    25P Carolina
    26P Cleveland (from Indianapolis)
    27P San Francisco
    28P New England
    29P New Orleans
    30P Denver
    31SB Seattle
    32SB Kansas City

    I have faith in this team's ability to find ways to lose games. We could easily slide into a top 10 pick within the next 3 weeks.
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    Yes, a slightly above average DE with attitude problems will fix our problems.

    This is going to be the second deepest QB class in the last 10-15 years.

    That is where we need to look.