N.Y. Jets Among League Leaders In Both Run & Pass Defense

Discussion in 'Tennessee Titans and NFL Talk' started by mike75, Sep 23, 2013.

  1. mike75

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    Some defenses might be really good in run defense but not so good in pass defense or vice versa.As far as the N.Y. Jets go they are near the top five in both run and pass defense.Their detractors might point out they played Tampa Bay,Buffalo and a New England team that is desperate for help at receiver and tight end but they've had a good defense for quite some time.

    The team has been very good defensively and the last five years they've been in the top five every season in not allowing opposing offenses to pick up yardage.DE Muhammad Wilkerson leads the Jets with three sacks this season.Both New York and Tennessee are 2-1 coming into the game this Sunday.Last year the Titans won 14-10 in a hard fought game and we intercepted the Jets Mark Sanchez four times but this year the Jets have rookie Geno Smith playing since Sanchez is injured.

    Both Tennessee and New York are among the league's most penalized teams with the Jets picking up 20 penalties in a 27-20 win against Buffalo.New York became the first team to get called for that many penalties and win since the Browns beat the Bears in 1951 despite 21 penalties.The Jets have a brutal schedule after facing Tennessee they have Atlanta,New England,Cincinnati,New Orleans,Baltimore and Miami all in the coming weeks ahead.
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    20 penalties in 1 game?

    Dude the refs are a joke this season.
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  3. Fry

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    **** the Jets.
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    Don't care.
  5. Dman

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    as long as we do our job and take care of our business then we will win the game. We need to cut down on penalties (bye bye britt) then we will be ok . tough game tho
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    jets will finally play a real defensive football team this week.
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    Wilkerson, Ellis and Richardson are a very solid group DL. They have great size and quickness with Wilkerson and Richardson. Yesterday they were jumping offsides a ton. So varying the snap count and cadence might work well. I can assure you that Ryan is going to bring the house at Locker and try to shake him up. We need our WRs to win the one on one matchups.

    I think their weakness is making their OLBers cover in the passing game. I look for some good isolation plays for Walker.

    If we can avoid the turnover and big STs play then we should win this game. I like our defenses chances of forcing Smith into a few turnovers.
  8. The Hammer

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    Let's settle down a bit here. They have also played two terrible offenses (TB and Buffalo) and one bad offense (New England).
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    I have one thing to say to mike75

    space bar

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    I really believe this years Titans can play with anyone.

    Seattle might still be a challenge, but if we can sure-up the special teams play I think we have a shot.
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