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Discussion in 'NFL Draft' started by Fry, Dec 15, 2005.

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  1. Fry

    Fry Welcome to the land of tomorrow!

    * i'm assuming vince young goes with what he's saying now and stays in school.

    1. houston- reggie bush rb. although i dont think they really need a runningback, look for them to select him and essentially sell him to the highest bidder. if no one bites(someone will) you have the best payer in the draft.

    2. san fran- d'brickahsaw ferguson ot. poor alex smith. the guy is getting pounded out there. it's a shame there are no recievers worth taking at this point this year.

    3. jets- matt lienart qb. chad pennington's arm is hanging on by a thread. this might be the team to sell their soul for reggie bush, ditka style.

    4. new orleans- jimmy williams cb. did anyone see fred thomas try cover roddy white on monday night? exactly...
    5. green bay- mario williams de. i cant name anyone else on GB's line aside from KGB.

    6. titans- aj hawk olb. one of the most insticntive players in this draft. great athlete combined with being a great football player. that's a deadly combination.

    7. bills- haloti ngata dt. the bills rushing defense went from 7th in '04 to 31st in '05 without pat williams. they could another 330 pounder in the middle.

    8. browns- chad greenway olb- do you have any idea how giddy romeo crennel would be if chad greenway was here?

    9. cards- laurence maroney rb. jj arrington is not the solution to their terrible running game. they could use an offensive lineman or two, but denny green likes value.

    10. lions- mathias kiwanuka de. so matt millen likes to draft offense, but really, it's time to show the defense some love.

    11. ravens- deangelo williams rb. jamal lewis is struggling big time in a contract year and chester taylor isn't the long term answer.

    12. raiders- demeco ryans olb. the raiders might have one of the worst tackling defenses in the league. ryans will put a stop to that.

    13. rams- michael huff cb/fs. probably a bit a of a reach, but the rams defense is absolutely terrible and huff is the best db on the board.

    14. eagles- santonio holmes wr. TO is gone, todd stinkston tore his acl, an greg lewis is terrible. holmes isnt really the big reciever you'd like in the west coast offense, but he's a big play guy.

    15. fins- winston justice ot. the offensive line for the fins the past few years has been awful. and think about how good ronnie brown will be with a decent o-line.

    16. broncos(from washington for david cambell)-rod wright dt. bringing in gerard warren wasn't so bad after all, but they still need someone to play next to him.

    17. vikings- derek hagan wr. koren robinson is a great story, but who else is there?

    18. falcons- tamba hali de. the defense hasn't shown anywhere near tenacity it had last year.

    19. steelers- brodrick bunkley de. bunkley goes the travis johnson route and moves to de in the 3-4.

    20. cheifs- claude wroten dt. the cheif defense has made strides this year, but they're still average.

    21. patriots- laron ladnry s. has played both ss and one knows if or when rondey harrison will come back.

    22. cowboys- marcus mcneil ot. the cobwoys are set at left tackle with flozel adams, but right tackle has been a concern since parcells has been there.

    23. chargers- darnell bing s. the chargers secondary has been terrible this year. they're 1st against the run, but 27th in total defense. wow. just wow.

    24. bucs- eric winston ot. bye-bye kenyatta walker.

    25. bears- leonard pope te. marcedes lewis is the better reciever, but pope is the better blocker. and in chicago you need to block.

    26. jags- marcedes lewis te. disappointed that neither bing nor pope are available, they settle on the next best thing in lewis. gives jacksonville something they have never had in a te.

    27. panthers- max jean-gilles og. how can a running team be averaging 3 yards per carry with stephen davis and deshaun foster in the backfield?

    28. giants- tye hill cb. some think he's better than former team mate justin miller.

    29. bengals- elvis dumerville de. the bengals are great at forcing turnovers, now add someone who can get to the qb consistently to that.

    30. broncos- vernon davis te. the guy is a workout warrior and jeb pputzier is not someone you should be afraid of.

    31. seahawks- thomas howard olb. jaime sharper is out for the season with a staph infection in his knee and DD lewis is nothing to brag about. increases team speed ten fold.

    32. colts- d'quell jackson mlb. gary brackett can be upgraded. jackson gives the colts speed and attitude at the mlb position.
  2. Titantonic

    Titantonic Camp Fodder

    Nice work. Probably about as good a mock as anyone could come up with right now. The only thing I question you on is the Texans taking Bush then trading him. I think it would make much more sense to trade the pick before the draft. Once they drafted him the fans would go nuts celebrating, then if they traded him they would go off the deep end. Not that you can draft to suit the fans all the time because basically we don't know a fraction of what we think we know (calling all Mike Williams fans) but Houston is in a very touchy situation with its fan base. To draft Bush, have the fans celebrate at getting the best running back to come out in years, then take him away could be received very badly.

    Anyway, nice job on the mock.
  3. smili

    smili Starter

    thanks for giving me some names to watch for.

    I wouldn't mind us taking Fergusson if he's still there when we pick - especially considering that we probably loss Bhop and Olsen this year.
  4. danny

    danny Guest

    I like the Hawk pick but would the Titans leave Ngata and Kiwanuka on the board ? Reese has that phobia of taking LB's early on. Granted Bulluck was and first rounder but he was more "best player available" at the time. If they do go DT, you have to think Haynesworth won't be re upped the following year.
  5. DeutschTitan

    DeutschTitan Camp Fodder

    Taking a DT that early in this draft would be insanely stupid with the holes we have at other positions. The only end worth a top 10 pick is Mario and we'll take him only if KVB is gone. The Hawk pick is a good one, but what about QB? QB is really important and I doubt we'll be in position to address it next year, with the top talents likely going in the top 10, if not top 5.
  6. Soxcat

    Soxcat Pro Bowler

    I'm not sure about taking a DT that early; not sure that is our biggest need. If we know KVB is gone I bet we would go DE. LB is very deep this draft so Reese might think he can find some quality in the later rounds.
    As for QB it really depends on what QBs come out and how they are rated come draft time. Cutler could move up into the early 1st round if he blows people away at the combine, personal workouts and Senior Bowl. Vince Young or Jacobs could be possibilities but we don't even know if they are coming out yet. On the other hand if they do come out Cutler might drop to later in round one or early round two assuming he has mediocre workouts.
  7. Banshee2

    Banshee2 Guest

    I love that local area players get "free visits" to the teams in their cities. So the Vandy guys (including Cutler), can have as much exposure as possible. If I were Cutler's agent, I'd be all about pre-negotiating. Especially since I also represent Steve McNair (Bus Cook).

    I can't help it, I'm ready to get to next season already. :)
  8. Fry

    Fry Welcome to the land of tomorrow!

    you cant negotiate with draft eligable players unless you have the first pick, or if the first pick has already signed a contract then the second pick can negotiate(david carr to the texans and julius peppers to the panthers)
  9. Banshee2

    Banshee2 Guest

    Yeah, sorry, I didn't mean to imply contract stuff...just exposure. I guess it's not really like official visits in college. You couldn't really negotiate with a player who might be picked by someone ahead of you, right?

    I'm sure Cutler would love to keep playing in Nashville, but would just like a job. Our having fallen to 9th may work out- maybe a trade down to pick up a late first plus a 2nd or 3rd...And then pick up Cutler.

    Whatever happens, I'm still just ready to get on to next season (when I'll be home to watch!)
  10. Troupe4Prez

    Troupe4Prez Guest

    Cutler would fit in well with Chow's style of offense and he is clutch, something we haven't had in a while. If we look at extra LB's in the later round they should take a gander at Vandy's Moses Osemwegie, he may be a little undersized compared to the other talent but the only reason you didnt hear much about him was because Demeco Ryans got a lot of the attention in the SEC.
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