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Discussion in 'NFL Draft' started by talldrinko, Mar 16, 2006.

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    if we could get maurice drew in the 4th that would be a steal even though he didnt show up in the usc game last year he has loads of potential and hes a quick strong guy would def add a threat even though im still convinced the speedy nash isnt that bad and baby payton has the heart of a champion
  2. Yes, and I am just not familiar with you, so let me ask politely.... Hey Guy,

    What's your angle? What's Your Bid? Will you sell me Ventnor Ave?:rotfl:
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    Hey WU,

    empty your Inbox.
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    With all due respect WU, looking at the CB position, two rookies started last year, Fuller won the nickel job in camp, we are inquiring about Ty Law. Do you think he's a big part of their plans? Do you think he'll be back after his current contract is up (not sure when that is)? Will another team sign him, probably. I hope he stays healthy and becomes a big contributor/starter because it will make the team better, but looking at the crowded CB situation, it appears to be an uphill battle.
  5. He has always fought uphill. He was recruited as a cb from high school by OU, already at his current height, but 20 lbs lighter at 177. He originally wanted to play for either CU or CSU but they considered him too small or light that is. They offered no scholarship. OU gave him a full ride. They were pathetic then 4-7, in his freshimen redshirt year. Then his actually freshman playing year they were 7-4, but had converted him to WR. So his first two seasons he was a WR. In his sophmore year he started as a WR, and subbed in as a CB. He ended up the 2nd leading WR on the team, which was by the way a national championship year. In his junior year he started as a CB and subbed as a WR. He soon became one of the premier corners in the nation. My point is he excells when not really expected to.... He is a fighter that does well when he is pushed to the wall. So get ready for an explosion.
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