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Discussion in 'Tennessee Titans and NFL Talk' started by blacktitan, Jan 2, 2013.

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    The sacks did pick up towards the end of the year, but it was feast or famine. I didn't say teh D didn't blitz, I said the blitzing needed to get better. If the pressure didn't get to the QB, it was almost always a completion, and if it was 3rd down, almost always a first down completion.

    I know that Munchak is staying, but I do not think he will do much better next year, especially if he doesn't find replacements for Gray and a new OC.

    The 3-4 switch is a must, because the personnel we have were part of Fisher's plan to stop Peyton Manning; get pressure with the DL only, don't blitz, and cover with LB's and secondary, with an empasis of no yards after the catch (good tackling). What this does is forces Manning to dink and dunk for yards, rather than hitting big plays. It is almost impossible to sack Manning without him getting a big play, so Fisher stopped trying. The problem is that the league is much more a passing league now, so the passing is better, and teams have no problems dinking and dunking all the way to a touchdown.

    Lovie Smith ain't comming, but I think it would be a tremendous upgrade over Munchak, hence my assertion that it would help get us in the playoffs by 2013. Very slim chance this team sniffs playoff contention with Munchak in 2013.

    Vick could push Locker to get better, moreso than Hasselback, or win the starting job outright. Hassleback will be content to be a backup in 2013, Vick will still want to start, and we know he's capable of carrying teams to the playoffs. Imagine a backfield with Vick and CJ, with Britt and Wright on the outside and Cook at the TE. That would allow the Titans to focus on the O Line and the D in the draft/FA.
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    Switching to 34 in a year that munch must win.... Is a guaranteed no go. While he's we do have some part that fit, we would need to teach the entire defense a new scheme... I just don't see that happening. If we could start collapsing the pocket from the inside more, we would be much better off. We lack that style of DT. Also we played a Special teamer at MlB for most of the season... A legit MLb that isn't glass would be productive also.

    Oh and our secondary in general is pretty crap, the scheme of giving a 10 yard cushion..... . Gtfo
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    1. Not happening
    2. Hopefully
    3. 3-4 doesn't make us a top defense. Plug in the holes and watch the D improve.
    4. lol nah
    5. see #1
    6. Steven Jackson isn't coming here but I agree we need another RB
    7. That will happen
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    I must admit, a 3-4 LB group of Ayers, Brown, Mccarthy & Wimbley could be deadly, but I don't think we have the personal for the '3" part of that defense. Casey or Marks aren't big enough to be NT's

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    Casey is getting good though, he might become the disruptive force a NT needs to be.
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    3. Krug and Martin are the exact opposite of 3-4 DL. They are attack and react linemen. You need read and react linemen to play 3-4. Klug is also way way too small to play in a 3-4. If those are our DE in a 3-4 we can forget about having a run defence in the top 28 of the league. Opposing OL will run them over like they are standing still.

    4. Vick is a faster, older, shorter, more banged up version of Locker. He is washed up. That big season was an exception. Teams were not ready for him. Even if he is good he cannot stay healthy. McNair could get away with being that kamakazie playing style because he was bigger. Even he did not last too long.

    5. Lovie Smith is not going to coach a team and instal a 3-4. It is not his sceme. He is a cover 2 guy. He also is not stupid enough to try and play a 3-4 when everyone in the front 7 other than Ayers and Wimbley are ill suited to to the 3-4. It would be like trying to run an option offense with Kerry Collins as your QB.
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  7. The Hammer

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    Brown greatest asset is his speed. Playing him on the inside of the 3-4 basically nullifies his speed advantage. Instead you will have him grinding against blockers which is his biggest weakness. And Wimbley. Doubt he will be much better at OLB. He is done. A cross between a has-been and a never-will-be.
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