My bet is this guy is jobless by now...............

Discussion in 'Tennessee Titans and NFL Talk' started by bongo59, Dec 3, 2006.

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    I think you have to read the sarcasm that the writer was trying to get across. What he is saying is, that everytime he criticizes a black QB, it's assumed he is racist. He can't just come out and say a guy is dumb without that being brought into the conversation. He wants the freedom to critique a QB no matter what color he is.
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    1.) This guy doesn't have a real job writing for Fox. It was a blog. I could write one on there too.

    2.) He's stupid for writing that. He just wants attention, and he's getting it.

    3.) I think it's really stupid that people CAN'T write stuff like that and discuss it on a national level. Who cares if it's racist? It's sports talk. Do you know how many times I've heard negative comments about white players? White receivers are too slow, white basketball players can't jump, white running backs don't exist, white corners can't make it past college ball. Who CARES? It's all true, and it's all arguable, so why the hell would it bother me to hear someone say it?

    If writing like this truly bothers you; that is, bothers you enough that you want to call in to the guy's boss (even though I don't think he HAS a boss at Fox Sports), then you're too sensitive. Show some humility and some humor and LAUGH at your own shortcomings. We've all got plenty of them, we can't change it, so what's the point in being sensitive about it?

    I'm white, i'm fat, I'm balding, I couldn't run a sub 6-second 40 right now for a million dollars, I would probably struggle to jump and touch the net on a basketball hoop, and I can't dance, sing, or do anything artisic. But i'm probably a better driver than most Asians, i've probably got more money than most Mexicans, and i am probably a better swimmer than most blacks.

    So let's all make fun of eachother. The key word is FUN.
  3. Riverman

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    Nice. :yes:
  4. Gut

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    At first I couldn't decide if this guy is a racist or simply an idiot. I'm guessing both.

    Many QB's are not smart enough to run NFL color has no bearing on this subject. To refute his particular claim about Black QB''d Doug Williams do? Didn't Steve McNair win an MVP (and not by RUNNING for 3000 yds at HALFBACK)? Didn't Warren Moon pass for about 60,000 yds and just go into the Hall of Fame based on his EXPERTISE at running the Run and Shoot offense? Case closed. Black QB's (and any other color person for that matter) are perfectly capable of not only being good starters in the NFL, but can be Hall of Fame QB's!!!

    Perhaps someone should mention to this guy that 'choking' and intelligence are NOT the same thing. Someone might also mention to him that bringing race into a discussion with inflammatory comments is being racist. Bashing all races does not excuse the comments because his comments about white QB's are particular attacks whereas he made a blanket statement about all black QB's.

    Also, he might figure out one day that a mobile QB...even Kordell Stewart...can lead a productive offense. Also, Stewart wasn't a dumb QB, he was just inaccurate...especially under pressure.....which is not an uncommon trait (ask Rex Grossman)....and that has nothing to do with his skin color.

    And lastly, Aelx Smith did wonderfully on the Wonderlic test and yet still bombed as a rookie QB. Many highly intelligent people are incapable of running an offense. Otherwise, the best QB's would all be guys graduating from Harvard. Clearly, that doesn't happen.

  5. Riverman

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    I think you get his point Gut. The guy was using cheap parlor trick journalism to hook the crowd into reading the whole article.

    The subject matter (eg-intelligence as a requisite for NFL QB success) is hackneyed and most people wouldn't have made it to the second paragraph.
  6. Michi40

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    I know what he was trying to say... and still think it is a reach to make a comment about kurt being clever and mac not based on a sb win.I dont care about racial cards, sarcasm or whatever...

    As Gut says, also "intelligence" is such an unmeasurable "skill"... I would let a rocket scientist run my football team just as he wont let me ride his rockets cause i can move well the ball on offense.

    So, if he is talking about "football vision" or "game vision" as intelligence... ok, you can say what you want, but this equation includes the tools in your toolbox so there is no way to compare (how good or how clever) a qb from another is unless they are from the same "vodka" collins and vince young are.

    Still I dont see how mac is "dumb" and kurt not cause a damm yard. Is just me, or the titan fan inside, that gets bitter by this.
  7. Michi40

    Michi40 Lost bullet

    Also, my point is, to this guy...

    What the heck you talkin about??

    Intelligence? Football?

    Football needs intelligence?
    What kind of intelligence?
    WHAT IS INTELLIGENCE? cĀ“mon, dont come with an IQ test crap thing.

    So you can tell mac was going to lose because he "seems to struggle with polysyllabic expression altogether"

    Boy, i know one thing for sure. he sucks in making a point. Quit writing. At least about football. Or to be more precise... forget your intelligence, qbs and racial cards line of argument.

    Football needs game vision for a player (anticipation to the others team def/offense + what might work or not), strategic vision for the HC/OC/DC coach, and good solid skill teaching for the position coaches. They still can seem "dumb" at their press conference while doing the rest great.
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    There was a show on one of the Big 3 a few weeks ago about stereotypes, and it was really interesting. They took a group of black and white males, and instructed them to putt a golf ball into a hole. It was an indoor mat, with two humps in it. So you had to judge the amount of force to use when putting, due to the hills. When they told the black males it was a contest of athletic skills, they excelled at putting the ball into the hole. The white guys failed miserably. Then they told another group the opposite, that it was an intellectual test. This time the black guys did poorly, and the white guys did much better. The point of the show was to prove how stereotypes affect people as they grow up.
  9. Thefreak

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    Thats exactly what he was doing. The guy was trying to make a point that just because you are a critic of Vick doesn't mean you are a racist. Right now a lot of people are contesting the Vick critics with the "you are a racist" retort. Thats all he was trying to do, however he is no literary genius and he couldn't turn the article the way he wanted to.

    Its a serious subject that I agree with. Being a minority in this country I think we get too easily offended when race as a subject comes up. We are all racist in a way anyhow, if we weren't we wouldn't even notice one anothers skin tone.:banned: :gag:

    I hope the guy doesn't get fired, but instead gets mandatory English classes.

    I suggest everyone re-read the whole article to get his point.
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