Munchak to interview with the Lions

Discussion in 'Tennessee Titans and NFL Talk' started by lilkhmerkid4u, Jan 7, 2014.

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    I agree with that. Can you just imagine how bad@ss Barry Sanders would have been on a good team?
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    He was terribly average.
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    After 10 seasons without a playoff win, you ever start to think the Titans might also be cursed?? If you look back at all the years, there are many examples of a possible curse. I mean the Oilers / Titans seem to have had a lot of bad luck if you think about it.

    - Oilers have the worst comeback loss in NFL playoff history, they made it to AFC Championship like 4 times only to lose (just like Browns).

    - Titans lost Super Bowl by 1 yard, plus Del Greco missed like 3 FGs in the SB that would have given Titans the lead early and probably changed the entire game.

    -In '03 playoffs, Bennett drops TD pass that would have won playoff game against Pats.

    - In '05, Titans come within one game of making the playoffs after 4 other teams lost that had to in order for Titans to make it only to have the Patriots who were playing for nothing week 17 come into Nashville and destroy the Titans by double digits.

    - In '08 playoffs, the Refs miss a delay of game call on the drive Ravens scored the winning FG on when it was 3rd and 19, would have been 3rd and 24. Titans already had Pittsburgh number that year, so chances were good if we beat Ravens, we go to Super Bowl against Cardinals.

    - VY went from Rookie of the year to basketcase overnight only to become so bad he can't even play as a backup in the league.

    - CJ went from overnight superstar to overpaid hasbin. How many RBs with that kind of talent just suck out of no where? AP, Charles, McCoy are all consistent, but not CJ. At times its like he forgets how to be an RB. But then he breaks a long TD and you can see the talent is still there but no one can explain why he has random TERRIBLE games. How does CJ have 150 yards against a Top Rams run D, yet totally shutdown and forced fumbled twice against Jags?

    - Locker gets hurt every year just as he starts to get better. Even his rookie year when he only played in two games. Year 2, he hurts shoulder in 2nd game of year. And we all know year 3.

    I don't want to be the guy who only sees the negative. But the Oilers/Titans are the oldest team (Besides Browns) to still not have a Super Bowl Victory, and its not like the franchise has been bad for a decade, but I wonder sometimes if there is a higher power at play when you look at all the examples I listed above
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    There was a higher power at work through all of those things: Bud Adams. Not that he meant for them to happen.
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    Probably a contingency plan.
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    Well, the last time I saw him naked in the locker room, I'd say he's indeed half black

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    Are you saying Munchak is really a Dalmatian?
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    Says you. Someone that has no idea if he is or isn't. You would have been claiming Pete Carol is no head coach 3 years ago, and don't pretend otherwise.

    I'll take a coach that got 7 wins with a backup and was 7-3 when winning turnover ratio than any flavor-of-the-month OC or DC that happens to be in the playoffs.

    It's funny to me that you guys ignore that this team was in every game except 2 this season... with Ryan Fitzpatrick at QB... and you're claiming Munch was a bad HC?

    You guys have no idea how competitive the NFL is, apparently. You just get your "fan-panties" in a bunch when you don't see W's, and overreact.

    Follow more sports teams than just the Titans. That's my only advice.
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    Jake started in 4 of those wins. I personally believe had they just stayed their offensive course when Fitz had to come in, as boring as the casual fan thought that was, this team could have been playoff bound. Its a mistake IMO to have a "Jake offense " and a "Fitz offense ". You gotta system in place, get the backup QB that fits the puzzle. They got back to what they were doing early in last two games and won. I dont have to be reminded of the records of those two teams, but I still think its no coincedence that getting back to the style of football they originally wanted to played led to winning those last two games. Having said all that, experience is a great teacher. I think if Munch were givin another shot, he could produce. Just dont know that he gets another opportunity.
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