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    When Titans wide receiver Kenny Britt breezed by media on his way out of the stadium on Sunday, he said he was very frustrated and needed to cool down.

    Britt didn’t make an appearance in the Titans’ locker room during media availability on Monday to clarify those remarks, but Titans coach Mike Munchak feels there are a few things that were troubling his talented wide receiver.

    The most obvious cause for the frustration was simply another loss, the Titans’ fourth in their last five outings.

    The second cause was likely the disappointment over what Britt could have done better. He dropped at least one pass, and finished with just two receptions despite getting thrown to eight times.

    “If you replay the game a thousand times and you realize all the things you could have done to make a difference in the game, I’m sure … that’s what is growing through (players’) minds, what he could have done,” Munchak said. “He had the nice touchdown pass, but I’m sure he’s thinking he could have had four or five other plays he didn’t have.”

    Britt is also still likely bothered by his continued recovery from three knee surgeries.

    “I’m sure he doesn’t think he’s running as well as he’d like to, probably not doing certain things the way he wants to, like you normally are after an injury,” Munchak said. “But I don’t think it’s that drastically different. I think this is a process. He’ll get through it … (But) I think he was hoping by this time of year (the injury was) behind him and now it would be just a matter of getting consistent route-running, getting comfortable with the system and continuing to help us win.”

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  2. Alex1939

    Alex1939 Space Invaders Champion

    How about focus on Nate Washington and Wright cause Britt sucks and take Cook with him.

    Can't believe Cook whined about getting traded when he can't catch it when it hits him right in the hands. Don't care about a spectacular catch if the guys can't even catch the easy ones.
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    Cant believe buttmunch is making excuses for a player that only plays up to the level of his coaching.

    LANGSTER Starter

    Britt and Cook both sucked yesterday and they were dogging it on routes and not running hard. Do not know if it is Britt's knee or his attitude but it is getting really old he and cook looked like they did not want to be there.
  5. Ewker

    Ewker Starter


    Locker could throw to Stevens :banjump:
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