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    I don't care how old the owner is as long as he/she knows what the hell they're doing and can put the best interest of the franchise ahead of personal friendships/relationships.

    Really shouldn't be too much to ask.
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    Give us a QB and were in the playoffs this season. Biggest gripe about Munch is how long it took to get rid of Reynaud, that would give us a couple more wins too.

    What we need is for this offensive line, after having a year experience together, are a lot better next season.

    Are we 49ers/Broncos level yet? No, but we have hung with several playoff teams this season and were a few plays from winning them. (some of them were BS plays that should not happen at this level) Compare that to last season, I say we are moving in the right direction.
  3. Tennessy XO


    Munch is nothing.

    He is/was not a coordinator.

    He doesn't call plays.

    He hires **** coordinators to compensate for his lack of coordinating ability.

    He isn't a particularly good motivator.

    Doesn't really manage the game all that well.

    He doesn't bring anything new or even useful to the table.

    He is an offensive line coach and our offensive line has actually gotten worse.

    He has gotten slaughtered in division.

    He annually finds a way to lose to the worst team in the league.

    His record against winning teams is awful.

    Should we keep going? I mean seriously. Munch has literally no redeeming qualities.

    "He seems like a nice guy"

    Who gives a fluck?
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    To be fair though, there really wasn't anywhere to go but up after last season. Sure we could've got worse record-wise (and that still may end up being the case). But as far as the product we were actually seeing on the field last season it just doesn't get much worse than that.
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    ^ thank you.
    Munchak is toast. I'm not sure why he's still coaching. We need to get the jump on a high profile coach and not settle for another munch. I think the "nice guy" excuse has run it's course.
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    Exactly. I just don't understand how anyone could honestly think that keeping him around is in the best interest of the franchise. He was woefully unqualified for the gig from the get-go and he's just not progressing at nearly a rapid enough rate. Hell, you could make the argument he's not progressing at all. Still can't make in-game adjustments. Can't win a challenge to save his life. Can't put together a competent staff. And the team got 9 wins his first year, 6 wins his second year, and very well could up with 5 wins this year. Not exactly the direction you want to go from a W/L perspective.
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    I have to admit now it wasn't a good hire. Offensive linemen rarely make creative offensive minded coaches. If you go with an Offensive lineman then you need to know that you are going to be a grind it out team. The modern era of the nfl is now pass oriented so we are behind the times.
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