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Discussion in 'Tennessee Titans and NFL Talk' started by SawdustMan, Dec 31, 2012.

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    I attended 5 home games this year and both pre-season games. I never paid a cent for any of the tickets. Twice, I sat in the Club section, FREE! At the Jaguars game, scalpers were hard to find and near the North endzone, people were putting extra tickets in the fence. When I left the game, there were still some free tickets remaining in the fence.
    Bud doesn't care, every game is still Sold-Out whether we attend the games or not.
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    Very good point.

    No one does. I have a feeling he's our guy though.

    Well, I think it's safe to say Lovie won't be coming here. He had 4 teams with HC vacancies contact him pretty much within the hour after he was fired. I don't see any way he doesn't land another HC job. Sure would love to have him though.
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    Lovie will be an Eagle in my opinion.

    And whoever is content with gray is a moron or has memory loss/brain damage. How many games did his defense give up 40 points in 2 seasons? probably a record amount for this franchise.
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    I wish people would stop saying that. They are not the same at all.
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    PR. Can't just bash the guy. You're a coach, not a fan. Although, if he's not gone along with Tom Moore and whoever the hell our OC was the last half of the season, the idk what to think
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    Pittsburgh, Dallas, Houston, Baltimore, Indy, NE..
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    One couldn't win playoff games, the other can't even get to the playoffs...guess you're right
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    I personally wanted to see Munchak gone after this season, but the statements about Bud hanging on to him for one more year (giving him 3 years) makes sense given Bud's past (I remember a time when coaches were given at least three seasons....but that is now the exception rather than the norm apparently).

    I will be disgusted, however, if we make no real coordinator changes (Gray specifically). In two seasons I have seen talent on D, but very little adaptability to a changing offensive game plan. This has not improved over the two seasons. IMO Gray should be shown the door.

    I am not as certain on Loggains/Moore, however. Taking over during the middle of the season with essentially a rookie QB is a pretty challenging situation.
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    Bud seems to get a pass from a lot of people because he made a real effort to get Manning, but everyone was offering Manning big $. Manning wants to win championships. The problem is that once PM went to Denver the organization/Bud gave up. There are other ways to build a championship team than PM@QB. Remember, this team was $14.5MM below the salary cap this year. Couldn't that money have brought in some help on the OL - remember all the centers we brought in, but couldn't make a deal with?

    Reinfeldt made an interesting comment in his parting statement basically saying his job was to make the organization profitable and he accomplished that. However, I think that profit came at the sacrifice of the product on the field. Think about it; every game sold out, $14.5MM below the cap, entire coaching staff making less than Fisher was making by himself. The contending teams are at or over the cap. If Bud wants to win, we have to get much more aggressive in free agency as well as paying to retain talent that performs here - KVB, BAbin, Finnegan, Tulloch, Avery, etc.
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    If its the coaches, then players should demand a better coach. If it is the players, coaches should try and get better players.

    I think its both.
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