Munch: Steve Hutchinson has likely considered retirement

Discussion in 'Tennessee Titans and NFL Talk' started by titantrusince82, Jan 1, 2013.

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    That is how I've felt for a while. A talented C who can make the line calls is right up there IMO with having a good RT.

    Now for those who want to blow up the interior of the OL and replace 2 or 3 spots I hear you. But realistically if Hutch retires (and he should because he isn't worth half of what he was paid) we have no choice but to do something.

    As for Amano he has two years left on his contract and his base is 3.6 mil. He is going to make 4.2 next year. So yea, he probably need to be shown the door. He is only going to cost about 3.0 mil in dead money so whenever your dead money gets were it is lower than base salary guess what? With that said we could go into camp with him still on the roster and let him compete for one of the OG spots. If he wins the job he stays. At minimum we cover ourselves in case we have a rash of injuries again in the pre-season since we gain nothing from cutting him right away.

    For some of you that i ready to chime n that Amano sucks at OG give this some thought. When he played LG he had Mawea at C next to him and Jake Scott at the other OG. IMO both Mawea and Scott were wore players. Keep in mind that Amano's first season at C Scott might have won the award for worst OG in the league. Munch admitted Amano was a better OG than C. Mawea had regressed to the point no other team signed him.

    Don't worry about Harris. He is a FA and is going to be gone anyway.

    I kind of like Velasco but only if he is the weakest link on the OL. I think he might have been the starter at RG over Harris had Amano not been hurt.

    My choice in this draft is Barrett Jones in the 2nd round and he might last until our pick. I'd certainly entertain moving up a few spots to get him (or back in the 1st). Best C in the draft and he has played all the other OL spots including LT for Bama (all SEC RG, Outland Trophy winner at LT and All American, and in running for another Outland Trophy and the Remington award at C). That is the guy you want as an anchor in your OL for a decade or more. Stop screwing around and get some one who can play.
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    So you don't know the definition of a reach. Awesome.
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    you all should be ashamed of yourselves.
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    This organization should feel ashamed of themselves for picking a guy with poor accuracy at 8 overall. That's like..... "We'll he's a great left tackle, just struggles with his pass blocking. Projected late first or early second round. But he's a real nice well take him top 10."
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