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    Posted by's Paul Kuharsky Before Microsoft incorporated "plug and play" into Windows 95, Howard Mudd had mastered the concept.
    In stints with San Diego, San Francisco, Seattle, Cleveland, Kansas City and, since 1998, Indianapolis, the offensive line coach has been able to coach up reserves and slide them into the lineup when necessary. It's something the Colts have had to do a lot this year on their O-line.
    Mudd fits perfectly in Indianapolis, where president Bill Polian and coach Tony Dungy are proponents of the plug-and-play philosophy. The team utilizes it whenever a player goes down, always with high expectations for the fill-in.
    I've not had the chance to get to know Mudd, but from all I've heard and read I hope that the opportunity will come.
    Bob Kravitz has a very nice piece in today's Indianapolis Star that provides a real sense of who Mudd is and how important his history as a player and his work as a coach are to him.
    Don't miss it.

Thread Status:
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