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    CINCINNATI Titans fullback Collin Mooney provides a pretty good visual when describing what he was feeling in his rookie season.

    “It is like you’re drinking water from a fire hose,’’ he said. ”It’s a lot coming at you at once, and it’s really fast.”

    Mooney, now in his second training camp with the team, has settled in. With veteran fullback Quinn Johnson sidelined for Saturday night’s preseason game against the Bengals, he’s going to play early.

    A former standout at Army, Mooney played in two games at the end of last season. He feels more comfortable in year two, and said the work with the first group in practices this week has helped. In practices, Mooney has been on the field with everyone from Chris Johnson and Shonn Greene to backs Jackie Battle, Darius Reynard and Jalen Parmele.

    “The more reps you get, the better for anybody,’’ Mooney said. “And running with the ones, it helps get a good feel from them.

    “We have a great group of hard runners here, that’s for sure. I am the youngest guy in the room full of veterans and they all run the ball hard.”

    Mooney said the role of the fullback in the team’s offense hasn’t changed much from last year to this year, except for maybe a few wrinkles in the passing game. Coach Mike Munchak said not much has changed about the team’s opinion of Mooney either.

    “Definitely, he’s a guy we all trust. Quarterbacks trust him. The line loves him in there,’’ Munchak said. “He runs hard. He’s very comfortable with the ball in his hands. He can protect, physical kid, does everything you ask him. I think that he’ll get an opportunity to play a lot more, and play with the first group from the first play.”

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