Monday Injury Report: Scaife Likely Back for Bills

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    SUMMARY: TE Bo Scaife (ankle) will likely return for the Bills game next Sunday according to Titans coach Jeff Fisher. "We are going to keep a close eye on Bo Scaife, and we hope Bo back this week," Fisher said. LB Peter Sirmon (knee) may miss some practice this week but is expected to play. Stephen Tulloch will replace Sirmon in practice. Fisher said the only other Titans to suffer minor injuries were LS Ken Amato (neck sprain) and LB Colby Bockwoldt (shoulder sprain). RB Travis Henry (ankle) appears to be better which means he should start against his former team.

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  2. PAtitansfan53

    PAtitansfan53 Kush & OJ

    It will be good to get Bo back we need some production from the TE position and Young loves throwin to him.
  3. TitanJames

    TitanJames Guest

    I think not having Bo in there against the Texans after he got hurt and this week as well hurt Vince in the passing game.
    I said long ago, he's our new Frank Wycheck.....he's the guy Vince looks for in the clutch, and it hurts when he's not there.

    I'm so glad we got him last year, I've followed him at Texas for so long and I knew he'd be a great player for us.
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