Modest proposal for Big Al: Hire a driver

Discussion in 'Tennessee Titans and NFL Talk' started by NewsGrabber, Mar 13, 2009.

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    <em>Posted by's Paul Kuharsky</em> <p><a href="" target="_new">Albert Haynesworth</a> likes to go fast. He's got a fast car. He's got a fast boat.</p> <p>And he's got a mounting record as a result.</p> <p>If you hadn't heard, he's been <a href="" target="_blank">indicted on two charges</a> in Tennessee, which is why the <a href="" target="_new">Washington Redskins</a> defensive tackle still garners a mention here, though you'll get a more detailed take from NFC East guru <a href="/blogs/nfceast/0-8-253/Redskins--DT-Haynesworth-indicted.html" target="_blank">Matt Mosley</a>.</p> <p>Here's my modest proposal: With some of that monster signing bonus, Haynesworth should hire himself a driver.</p> <p>He could begin his career in Washington by serving a suspension under the league's personal conduct policy. Someone's been seriously injured, allegedly because of Haynesworth driving him off the road.</p> <p>Haynesworth needs to find other avenues to fuel his need for speed -- buy a racing greyhound, but a seat on a Blue Angels flight (they even have <a href="" target="_blank">a division</a> that shares nickname some critics pin on Haynesworth), buy a stake in a NASCAR team that will zip him around the track.</p> <p>He needs to hand the wheel of his car to someone else to avoid further issues and to make sure no one else gets hurt as a result of them.</p>



    fat al in a blue angel plane or in a nascar car would basically look like this...

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    I honestly thought that Haynesworth was over his anger issues. How ridiculous has someone's personality become when the only way they can function in society is to hire a bodyguard detail (Pac) or a personal driver to keep them out of trouble?
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